On The Topic Of Guilt And Shame


Guilt and shame are powerful emotions.  In the name of guilt and shame, people often choose differently.  For example, if you’re guilty for doing something wrong, you’d probably ask for forgiveness.  But sometimes, if you’re feeling ashamed, you might lash out in anger and be defensive.

Guilt and shame do things to people that other emotions don’t seem to in life.  While I haven’t read the book from Brené Brown yet, I have every intention of doing so because I find the topic so interesting.

Here’s a TED talk from Brené Brown which I found eye-opening!

Human beings are so complex, aren’t we?  Emotionally, mentally and physically, I’m fascinated by how people think, feel and react.  I think I should have studied more psychology when I was younger because the mind’s complexity continues to enthrall me with all its intricacies.

Let me leave you with the most powerful quote from the above talk for me:

If we are going to find our way back to each other, vulnerability is going to be that path.

Sending you love from my heartlight today in case you’re in need of a little comfort.

Shine On!


7 thoughts on “On The Topic Of Guilt And Shame

  1. And all those emotional bits that we have are our guideposts, ever pointing us to that inner fear that blocks life. May those guiding emotions ever be a light to find that clear pathway kind lady ❤ 😀

  2. We all of us hold many of these emotions deep within us. Often we have to learn to go within and confront what triggered these emotions in the first place.. I did lots of inner work, Mirror work too, as I felt unworthy for many years.. And often they stem from deep-seated childhood scenarios which we have buried.
    Once we do confront the fear within us, and begin the releasing process, we are then on our way to healing..
    A great post, I have yet to watch the video, but it is saved for view at leisure for later when more time..
    Love and Light to you ..
    Sue xxx

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