Smelling Frankincense


Have you ever experienced smelling frankincense for no reason?  I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s had such an experience, but maybe you have?  Please share if you have any information for me please.

Two mornings in a row, I smelled frankincense.  Not just a brief whiff, but for about thirty minutes.  The aroma was strong and stayed with me as if I had been spiritually sprayed with the scent.  I wasn’t near anything that remotely smelled like incense or frankincense at all.  But the smell was distinct and as suddenly as it arrived, it left.  I walked outside with my coffee and smelled frankincense.  I walked back into the kitchen and smelled it again.  It was as if the scent was walking next to me no matter where I went.

I have never had such an experience with that scent before.  I have had the distinct aroma of roses envelop me many times which brought me much peace in my heart.  But frankincense?  Never before now, so I had to look it up and found my answer here – Contacting your angel scent messages.

According to the article above,

Your guardian angel may send you a fragrance that symbolizes something that your angel wants to communicate to you. Some common meanings for certain scents:

It just so happens that I was delivered a message yesterday which was important to my spiritual growth.  It came by the way of a human friend whom I trust.  It felt right to me that my angels heralded healing with distinction.  I’m feeling so grateful.  Isn’t it a beautiful Sunday?

Shine On!


25 thoughts on “Smelling Frankincense

  1. I often smell things that no one else does. It is a psychic sense called clairalience. Yes, likely a message unless the smell reminds you of a person. I smell certain smells out of the blue that I associate with different people. Good luck figuring out who or what it is about!

  2. Frankincense is a distinct aroma.. I used to work with oils for massage therapy and can recall the fragrance.. What a beautiful gift Spirit is giving you in connecting to you in this beautiful way… Take note when you begin to smell the fragrance.. And as you did in your next post, relax and ask what it is they want you to know.. And as you did in your next post part 2, keep going with the flow..

    Love and Peace…
    Sue ❤

    • Mr.M, I would think it is good news. I’m not sure of the circumstances under which you smelled it, but be open to any messages you may get in the coming days…and stay in touch.

  3. I have suddenly smelled frankincese but I am certain it was no guardian angel. The smell was pleasant but it came with a deep feeling of dread without origin and was followed by strange things happening inside my home.

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