Sept 11

Sept 11

Do you remember where you were seventeen years ago today?  I remember my Mom telling me that everyone knew where they were when JFK was shot.  Now I believe our generational history continues with “Where were you on 9/11?”

Because it seems to me, most of the people of a certain age know full well where they were when they heard about the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001.  In our area especially, we know of families who lost loved ones, who endured unspeakable tragedy and who witnessed the atrocities associated with that day.  They are ever emblazoned on many hearts, minds and souls.

There is also another side to the tragedy when we try to look at the light of compassion, of helpfulness, of unity that occurred through that experience.  Strangers helping strangers.  People going beyond their limits to save someone else.  All of the unmistakable soulful connections that came from the irrevocable losses that occurred from the tragedy.

Remembering those whom we lost as the bells toll in NYC today, the names read of those souls who were unable to return home to their loved ones that day.  The unfurling of our flag at the Pentagon Memorial in Arlington, VA.  The tears that many of us still shed on this day, even so many years later.

There’s a heaviness in the air today as the skies weep rain.  Those whom we lost are never forgotten.  Those heroes who gave their lives to help others.  Their angelic light continues to remain in the memories of our hearts.

May God Bless Us All.

Shine On!


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3 thoughts on “Sept 11

  1. Like it was yesterday, I still remember the bright sun and light breeze which so starkly contrasted the dark events of the day that they seemed impossible… and then counting my blessings that evening, including:
    ° Mr C no longer had an office in the WTC
    ° SCM was safely on the ground on a business trip, not in the air.
    ° KGE was out of the WTC subway station and up in her office.
    ° MAT was evicted from the South Tower by Morgan Stanley security

    As the sad news of neighbors and childhood friends trickled in during the days that followed, it repeatedly reminded me that I was L-U-C-K-Y and I’ve tried to remember that, and honor that, since that day. (xoxo LBB, MPP, and the rest)

  2. I think this date and where each of us were will remain etched in everyone’s memory.. It was around 2pm in England that day, when I was at work and a colleague told us to shush, as the News on the radio came in… We couldn’t believe what we had heard..
    I remember coming home, at 5pm a couple of hours after the planes had hit the towers, I stood with coat still on transfixed at the terrible scenes unfolding before our eyes.. And tears streaming down my face..
    A terrible time One I think none of us will forget.. ❤

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