Atmospheric Change – Do You Feel It Too?


I feel like there’s an atmospheric change in the air these days.  I know there’s a full moon tonight and I was reading about the changes in astrology, energy, 5D, etc. so I’m figuring that what I’m experiencing, you may be feeling as well.  It’s like shedding the old skin and emerging with strength, love and light is finally beginning in earnest.  Letting go of what we felt we knew and embracing life out of our comfort zones.  Merging with a higher power so to speak.  Not regretting when we let go, but feeling at peace with the changes.  Holding tenderness and gratitude for memories of before and open-armed for what is here and what the future holds with delight!  Do you feel it too?

Computer-wise, mine has been acting wacky for a few days.  The internet issues, for awhile the N key wouldn’t work, then the computer suddenly changing screens!  I thought it was possessed with a virus, but then it healed itself.  Bizarre.

I’ve had lights flickering for no reason.  Strange, inexplicable noises bumping in the house and weird coincidences (some positive, some not so much) that have been happening in the last few days.  The word EERY comes to mind.  The cats have been even staring at something just above my head often.  I look around, but I see nothing.  I know that animals sense things so I’m wondering what’s going on?

Friends have reported other wacky computer issues which only lasted a little while as well.  Navigational systems that don’t work, then suddenly fixed themselves without rhyme nor reason.  Important phone calls which were missed by an accidental touch of the finger causing much strife, but then finally were remedied a few days later.

Mini lessons in patience, in allowing and in understanding have been the key to getting through the atmospheric changes as far as I can tell.  Allowing information to come when needed.  Not allowing posts to be published, comments to be made and forcing scenic routes when navigation doesn’t work, in addition to delayed important information which caused strife, but also gave a good lesson, are just some of the changes I’ve noticed.  It’s as if we are getting a new beginning where none of what we thought we knew applies.

How about you?  Any atmospheric changes in your life recently?

Shine On!


21 thoughts on “Atmospheric Change – Do You Feel It Too?

  1. Yes, absolutely, me too! My car, tv, computer…all unexplained changes, but soon back to normal. I know there’s a scientific community that studies electro-magnetic swings up and down all over the world, so we must be on their graph! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I big change has been ‘encountered’. From what I am feeling it is like a large cycle has completed and we have been released. What mattered before no longer does, a newness in our approach, and to top it all off, and as you said, ‘things’ happening like those synchronicities, odd occurrences, and last but not least…a sense of relief, even though the new things coming tend to give a ‘can I do this?’, but glad none the less to face something new, a new adventure inside and out 😀
    And don’t get me started Yvonne, on healing horses to ready me for what is coming 😀

  3. That’s More like a way of life for me! When you finish the Tao of Horses book, i’d Like to recommend another for you: “The Medical Medium” by Anthony William.

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