A Particular Wind

IMG_2058 (2)

Menacing skies with clacking electrical lines

A particular wind is blowing today at more than 30 miles an hour through the farmland.   Inside we can hear the wind howling through the fireplace and outside the house, the wind is audibly howling as well.  The trees are bending and the electrical power lines are clacking together noisily (that’s a new one for me by the way).  It’s almost a little eery like yesterday, but there’s a blue sky behind the clouds which are moving away at a fast pace.

IMG_2065 (2)

Can you see how the leaves are upturned by the wind? It’s really blowing here!

On the cusp of the atmospheric changes, this wind feels like it is blowing away all the debris (quite literally) mentally, emotionally and physically in order to pave the way for the new phase in our lives.  Thank goodness, right?

IMG_2060 (2)

A little while later, the sun came out and the winds have moved the clouds a bit. This is the farmland where the geese hang out! No geese today!

IMG_2062 (2)

The windy conditions helped the birds in flight! This hawk soared effortlessly for quite awhile above me.












Are you having crazy winds where you live today too?  How do they make you feel?

I feel lifted and (pun intended) blown away by the powers that be.  Grateful for the change of the season and for the gradual beneficial changes in my life.  I hope you had a lovely weekend as well!

Shine On!



26 thoughts on “A Particular Wind

  1. What beautiful blue skies! We had the winds last night. Our tornado sirens went off and there was reported wind damage in our county not far from here. Trees down, a church steeple blown off, etc. It was scary for a while. The heavy downpours came after that and the temperature dropped dramatically. Today was a lovely sunny day, just cold, or I should say cold for this southern girl!

    • Cold is relative so don’t worry about it. Southern and Northern girls get cold when it’s cold! LOL I’m so sorry to hear about the scary night! Winds can do incredible damage, especially tornadoes! I’m glad you’re safe Gail! Cheers to a lovely sunny day today! May this week be filled with them!

  2. We had howling , raging winds in the night. I don’t like that as the noise keeps me awake. When the daylight came what did I see……snow! And in the harvested cornfield next to us ….Canada geese. Dozens of them pecking away and picking up the little bits of corn left by the combine harvester.

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