The Shift


Please click here  to watch The Shift for free.  It’s an amazing opportunity that I received in my email last night.  I have watched this myself and it was life-changing.  I hope you enjoy the gift from his family.

Shine On!


14 thoughts on “The Shift

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  2. I saw this film before but it’s worth watching again. Each time you get a little something new from it. We shall miss Dr. Dyer. He was a man who tried so hard to live a good life. I think he succeeded. 😉 Thanks for sharing this so I can watch it again.

  3. Yvonne I just Loved this movie. I have written a hundred notes of wisdom that he spoke throughout the movie. It was tinged with sadness, knowing he has left this world and yet, he has also left us with a deep understanding of our life here, and how we can connect to this source of love and passion for our life. I really was moved by it all and inspired. Thankyou.

    • I also found that there were so many tidbits of wisdom to keep from the movie. I am grateful to have seen it, to have read a few of his numerous books and to feel inspired by the wisdom in his words. ♥

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