Alan Watts, Acceptance of Death

Having had loved ones pass away and having had to look death in the face myself, I found this post to be so soothing to me. We grieve for the passing of others, each in our own way. But this post, this short video clip, gave me an understanding, a shift if you will, of the meaning of death and I thought it was a good one to pass along to all of you in case you were like me, processing grief and needed a little shift.
Thank you Mark for sharing Alan Watts, Acceptance of Death. You’ve helped to shift my thinking today and I share your post in hopes that more people will find the shift in their thinking as well.

May all who grieve find comfort and peace. ♥
Namaste to all of you…
Shine On!

Endless Light and Love

My Dear Friends,

I’m a great follower of Alan Watts the British born Philosopher and love listening to his explanations on life, this one re acceptance of death really helped me through a few challenges in my life after the passing of loved ones.

Namaste with Love



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