Where Does Peace Begin?


“Peace begins when expectation ends.” ~ Sri Chinmoy

We all desire peace in our lives ~ warm, loving peace within our hearts, minds and souls and peace which embraces our every moment of everyday.  Peace for ourselves, our loved ones, for strangers and hopefully, peace for the entire world.

But how in the world do you find peace?  Where does peace begin?  Obviously it’s by choice, but sometimes we can choose to see from a peaceful place and still continue to feel anxiety.  So where does peace begin?

Peace begins when expectation ends.  So…stop expecting.  Let go of expectations.  Just release those expectations that you hold for yourself and others.  Allow the world to flow.  Stop trying to control everything and everyone.  Stop beating yourself up because you aren’t enough in their eyes or in your own.  Stop trying to live up to others’ expectations.  I give you permission because sometimes we feel the need for permission to now go live our own lives.

Drop the expectations from your shoulders.

Choose to do your best every single moment of every single day.

Sleep peacefully on your pillow at night knowing you did your best.

Rise up to the dawn with hope in your heart.

Brighten the day ahead with loving wonderful peace.

You are loved.

Shine On!




26 thoughts on “Where Does Peace Begin?

  1. This is a wonderful quote and it is the truth! Expectations have always left me disappointed and so once I started to practice acceptance and surrender, life became easier and more importantly, I received what I wanted! 🙂 Thanks Yvonne.

  2. Surrender….acceptance….letting go of expectations…sure sounds like the path to peace to me!! Lovely….and thank u for this post 💙

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