Change Your Life in 2015


Only I can change my life.

No one can do it for me.

~ Carol Burnett

Recently I spent some time with some ladies who are in their 80’s.  One thing I learned quickly is that the saying, ‘old age isn’t for sissies’ is very true.   Growing older isn’t easy.  There are limits ~ physically, mentally and emotionally which directly affect our lives.   And we are in charge of them when we are younger.  What you do today and everyday directly affects your older self!

I know fear.  I know uncertainty and I know that hoarding myself within the limits of my mind does not serve me.   What does serve me is to continue to grow, to push myself beyond my comfort zones in order to expand my knowledge, my light and my life.  It is easy to be complacent and to not push ourselves to experience the uncertainty of life.  Stay home, muddle your brain with the goo of nothingness and while perhaps contentment remains, there is nothing but the blahness of everyday routine.  Not that I’m disagreeing with this type of living because I realize that it is a choice for some people.  But it doesn’t help your mind, body, spirit to continue to grow and to expand which helps your life to flourish, even in your 80’s and beyond.

Does that make sense to you?  How do you feel about ‘old age’?  Do you fear it or will you embrace that next chapter in life?  Will you be one of those who are running marathons, teaching yoga or dancing the watusi?

You have the power to change your life, one baby step at a time.  Dislike where you are right now, then change how you are living ~ expand your mind, read, write, experience life, connect with others, and be in touch with your inner self.  You get to choose how to live every moment of everyday!

Happiness with your life is a gift you give yourself!

Enjoy The Presents of Presence!

Shine On!



28 thoughts on “Change Your Life in 2015

  1. You are correct. Getting old isn’t for sissies and I’m no sissy. I love my old age and have never been happier. My motto has always been to learn something new each day or close the lid. This week I learned how to pin my own projects onto Pinterest and taught someone else how to do it. She was 78 and still learning too. I read a great deal of everything including quantum physics, spiritual growth, learn new patterns, and yesterday I sewed on oilcloth for the first time. That was a challenge. Restoring my health is my biggest challenge and I have not given up. Each day I get to choose how I address it. Some are better than others but I can always change my focus. I love being older. I never want to be OLD though. My son says I’m the strongest women he has ever met and I plan to stay that way. Shine on dear heart, It’s a fun ride.

    • I agree with you on all that you have said – I am PROUD of you as you are so right that we have the choice to learn something new everyday and to teach others what we have learned is to cement it in our brains AND to keep our minds young! I pray that you continue to heal your health and shine on ~ you are a bright star in my book! ♥

  2. It’s true. Getting up into the high 80’s isn’t always fun,especially the health issues. BUT, one can choose to get involved in new areas. Technology is a challenge to me as I am a congenital idiot in that field, but I’m learning, bit by bit. My friends are 20, even 30 years younger than I, and I enjoy hearing about their exploits and going to dinner and the theatre with them. Life still has a lot to offer.

    • Yes, life has much to offer ~ as Auntie Mame once said, ‘Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!” We must continue to grow, to share and to enrich our lives! Keep up the great work ~ you have much to offer us all! ♥

  3. Great post Yvonnne! We all have a choice whether to embrace the inevitable or not…
    Personally I say bring it on with vim and as much vigor as I can muster.
    Of course, yoga helps!!! 😉

  4. Soaking it all up Yvonne and praying that my health as I age, stays good. I now try to eat well, do some exercise and think positive. For we do not know our end. So everyday should be a blessing at any age.

    • I HEARTily agree with you ~ each day is a present which we have and there are no guarantees for a tomorrow. But if we should continue to have tomorrows, I wanted some to think about their health! May you have many tomorrows which are blessed! May we all! ♥

  5. Yvonne,
    We all have to choose for ourselves and answer to our own consciences; if we have nothing left, at least we possess the most important.
    That being said: I believe one of humanity’s greatest assets is it’s seniors. Their is a reservoir of knowlege and experience that can guide the young to a more rewarding golden age; if we were but to listen to and hear the wisdom they have to share.
    Yet we marginalize our aging population, for they bring with them the sound foundation of tradition. And that is not the foundation the modern world desires to build on.

    • Alan, as always your comments are full of clarity, wisdom and strength. Yes, I believe the elderly have much to contribute to society due to what they know and it is a pity that more people do not remember that very fact. Thank goodness for those like you who know, who remember and who continue to remind us of their/your wisdom. As always, I much appreciate your presence here. ♥

  6. Choice, choice, choice…ever onward with hope and an open heart for the endless opportunites that roll through. ❤ Yvonne, with hugs Xx

      • Hello Yvonne, oh yes, and there may well be blessings and life gifts in the ‘cul de sac’ choices…I am trying line dancing next week….yeee haaaaa ❤

      • I know, I just knew you’d love that idea Yvonne. I wish we did live closer and then we could have fun with it together. I was thinking about a need for a social activity in my new place to help me put down roots, as so much of what I do is solitary. I also need to shift a few pounds, so Voila!….line dancing seems a great idea and they have classes on a Tuesday night in the old hall just down the road, so I can walk there. Even better….I will keep you posted! ❤

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