What Would You Do If You Only Had Three Weeks To Live?


Because my friend’s dad was told he had only three weeks to live, it made me think – What would I do if I only had three weeks to live?  So I’m asking the question to you as well.

What Would You Do If You Only Had Three Weeks To Live?

Three weeks isn’t a long time and yet, I feel as if it gives us a little time to prepare.  But let’s face it, we’re never really prepared for our own death or for anyone else’s, are we?  I know that for myself, I’m not.  For that matter, nothing is certain in life and none of us really knows how long we have here on earth.

So what would you do with your last remaining three weeks? 

Travel?  See faraway family and friends?

How would your life change?

Would you be more proactive?

Would you hole up and isolate?

Would you feel invigorated like you had to accomplish your bucket list now or never?

Or would you fall into the deepest depression ever?

Would you rethink your relationships?

Would you have those hard conversations that you’ve been avoiding?

Would you be a wild child and throw caution to the wind even if you’ve been cautious your whole life?

Would you write your memoirs?

Would you feel the need to go to church more often?

Would you suddenly exercise or stop exercising?

Would you eat dessert first?

Would you mend those broken fences or would you break them?

Would you do something you’ve always been afraid to do like sky diving or swimming with sharks?

Would you want to have your loved ones surrounding you or would you want to be alone?

Would you spend all your money that you have left frivolously or would you make sure that what you’re leaving to your loved ones is secure?

I’m interested in hearing what you are thinking so please share!

Shine On!



26 thoughts on “What Would You Do If You Only Had Three Weeks To Live?

  1. There are a couple of places I’d want to get to but otherwise being with those I love, which I my current every day, I don’t think I wouldn’t change much. It’s hard to say though. It’s easy to say what you would do when you aren’t in that predicament!

    • I agree with you Saymber, especially when that’s not our reality! But I like your thoughts too! 🙂 May you go to those places now instead of putting it off….because we only have the present! 🙂

      • We are definitely going to try and do some things when our finances get plumped back up in a couple of months. We’ve been wanting to get back to Universal Studios in Florida where we had our first date. I want to see Harry Potter World! 🙂 Hugs to you!

  2. I’d definitely want some happy quality time with everyone I care about, since that’s what gives my life the most meaning, and I’d treat myself with little splurges to give myself daily joy. Other than that, I think I’m good! ( I’d love to know what your priorities would be. :))

  3. I think it would finally allow us to see that all those things we believed and held onto don’t really matter at all Yvonne. Allowing us to let go and focus on the one thing in the end that does matter…our relationships with those we really do care about…and even face ourselves more truly ❤

  4. My gut reaction is to rent a beach house and host my own wake. Why should I miss a gathering where I am the guest of honor?

    I’ve actually been pondering something similar for my 50th birthday… dinner with 50 fabulous women in my life.

  5. The first thing Iwould do would be to get things arranged so that those left behind me would be able to continue on with their life in the style to which they were accustomed. I would make all the arrangements for the funeral or service so those left behind would not have to worry about that. Then I would go to London and just walk about and say goodbye to all the places in that city that I have loved. I would then have meal with good friends and my husband and children and we could all order our favourite foods.

  6. Not sure I would do anything different. I do think it is important to not leave any positive things unsaid. Hug and say I love you, and laugh would probably take precedence. This does make you think.

    • Thank you! I just wanted us to be aware that we only really have today and to focus on making it our best day. I think sometimes we need a little jolt to help us make our lives great!

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