July First – Rabbit Rabbit!


Today is Rabbit Rabbit, White Rabbit White Rabbit!  I hope your month ahead is fulfilling  and where an abundance of peace, love, health, joy and connections abound!  Choose to shine your heartlights and continue to raise the vibrations in our world.  We need to unite in kindness!

This bunny lives at my house.  I’ve named him Clover as he loves to eat the clover in my yard which is abundant as you can see in the photo!  He’s not even afraid of me anymore since we’ve had some lovely quiet time together.  I guess I’m feeling like the Rabbit Whisperer!

Shine On!


7 thoughts on “July First – Rabbit Rabbit!

  1. Rabbit Rabbit, White Rabbit White Rabbit! And most certainly a Rabbit Whisperer young lady. Animals are only at peace when they trust, mind you he looks like he’s wondering what you are doing as you take this picture 😀

  2. ahh feeling a little guilty. I love nature and wildlife, but the neighbor bunny in my yard keeps eating my aloe, so I keep scaring him away. I think I might just realize I need to plant something else. Cute post.

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