Affected By the Moon


I know of many people who are affected by the moon and its cycles, not to mention eclipses, astrological changes and the equinoxes.  As we begin to move from 3D to 5D, there’s an increase in energetic shifts and for some of us, we are sensitive to the changes.  Are you one of them as well?

I’ve seen it in my family members who are more confused recently.  I’ve seen it in horseback riding as my trusty Ty was out of sorts when I rode him this week.  I’ve seen it with our pets as they are more on edge and needier than usual.

In chatting with friends lately, it seems that the surge of instability and sensitivity of our moods has increased lately.  A quickening in anger and frustration along with tearful grieving seem to ebb and flow into normally calm people at a moment’s notice without warning.  Not to mention those who are on either end of the spectrum emotionally.  It’s like the energy in the world is fluctuating at such dramatic heights and dips that there’s a storm brewing and we need to seek shelter and balance in our lives.  With the recent full moon, the lack of love and understanding is causing much unrest and balance is desperately needed.

So if you’re feeling lost at sea lately, you’re not alone.  But how do you anchor yourself with balance and love to be the port to help others who are tossed in the turmoil?

Meditation helps.  Calm interaction with others is necessary.  Fear intensifies the messy storm so steer clear and send out your heartlights first before engaging with others who show even the subtlest signs of being affected negatively by the energetic storms brewing now.  Rest your body, mind and soul.  Nourish them all with higher vibrations and associate yourself with those who embrace love, understanding and kindness.  Hold closely your loving soul family members.  Reach out when you’re feeling low.  Take the necessary time when you’re feeling depleted so that you can recharge your heartlight.  If you’re suffering, reach out to someone who cares and allow them to help you.  But please, do not use your suffering to make them suffer along with you.  Allow them to lift you.  Don’t drag them into the negativity.

Pray.  Listen to spiritual music.  Eat heart healthy meals.  Drink plenty of water.  Stay away from negatively charged beverages/foods such as alcohol.  You don’t need to add to what may be negatively churning up in you to be affected even more by drinking or over-eating.

Exercise.  Commune with Nature.  Read something that makes you feel good.  Watch a feel good show. Spend some quality time alone gardening or writing in your journal.  Sing music that makes you smile and uplifts your mood.  Spend time with your family and pets.  There’s nothing better than a heartfelt hug to shift your mood.  There’s also what we call fur therapy (petting your sweet pets) and absorbing their peaceful energy into your heart.

Don’t be tempted to start a fight with someone else whom you’ve been meaning to give a piece of your mind.  It won’t fare well for either of you.  Stay clear from anxiety issues.

We are riding out the fluctuations of energy changes as they open up to a myriad of possibilities in the near future.  So relax into the experience.  Steer yourself into calm waters and do your best to enjoy the ride.

Shine On!





18 thoughts on “Affected By the Moon

  1. Oh I love this so much! I am riddled with anxiety ANYWAY – so I always have to be on guard. I have been feeling extra “weird” lately – great extremes of my frustration and even anger and my depression. I just had a commitment to myself that each day (I am working on it!) I will listen to church hymns in the morning and at the end of my day. Kinda my way to “bookend” my day with good, uplifting music. Thank you for this post! ❤

    • Exactly! Good for you as the reading helps us to understand the changings so we can better flow with them. Stay centered. Stay happy and float with the ease of a loving heart! ♥

  2. I will definitely not be picking any fights lol The energies have been changing and affecting many of us who have felt them..
    Wonderful post and wishing you a Happy Full Moon 🙂

  3. Huh. We’ve not seen any of those types of fluxuations at our house. We’ve just seen a gentle increase in happiness all around. I guess we are integrating the energies okay. We’ve been taking more risks, being more authentic, and being more at home in our bodies. Good luck with you and your family; things sound a bit bumpy, but like they will be ok in the end. My point here is that the transitions can be more smooth, but they never will be when we dread the added energies and expect chaos from them. I spent several years that way until I felt more empowered to changethings. Now, I daily imagine accepting all the new energies that help me with my growth, and I imagine the others just sliding by.

  4. I never pick fights anyway and when things get a little crazy, I do the things you have suggested here. I reach out to like minded people and we tend to close ranks until the storm passes. It always does.

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