April First – Rabbit Rabbit and Rainbow

I couldn’t stay away today being that it’s April 1st and you know what we do on the first of the month!

Rabbit Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit!

Then to add to the fun of the New Moon in Aries, when I went outside this morning, this beautiful huge rainbow was streaming across the sky in front of me. Immediately, my grin widened and as I sat there just enjoying the absolute beauty of it, I finally remembered to take a photo. This one doesn’t really do it justice though since it was taken with my phone. Just image the colors brighter, clearer and the rainbow being HUMONGOUS! Then you’ll see it the way I did!

However, I thought I’d share my rainbow with you, in case you needed a little bit of extra hope, love, luck, and some more light for your heartlight because I know life can sometimes be difficult for even the strongest of us all. WIth the new month beginning, we must make time to be present in the moment, to look up at the sky and see if by chance, there’s a rainbow quietly waiting for us to marvel at its magnificence.

A reminder from the Universe and God that miracles happen, quietly without fanfare, if we take the time to look. Keep shining your heartlights. Our world needs more light everyday.

Shine On!


4 thoughts on “April First – Rabbit Rabbit and Rainbow

  1. Rabbit Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit! Returned in kind dear lady, and thank you for the rainbow too. It sounds like the beginning of a wonderful month my friend, almost enough to go meet a horse, if not for a ride then just a hug from the lovely energy they hold. It will also be glad of yours, enjoy the month 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    • Thank you Mark! I hope your month is filled with love, light and healing. Stay safe and healthy my friend. I haven’t seen my horses for awhile now due to some difficulties, but hopefully in the Spring I can return to being with their healing energies. ❤️🙏🦋🤗

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