All Soul’s Day


Today is All Soul’s Day which comes on the heels of All Saint’s Day and Halloween which is also known as the Day of the Dead.  Having quietly celebrated my Dad’s birthday yesterday 2 years after he passed, I realize the importance of such a day of remembrance.  I was unable to write a fitting post yesterday so I guess today’s is good enough.

Today I ask you to remember those whom have passed in your life.  Those souls who have passed away in death and those who have passed out of your life but who are still living ~ for each soul who touches your life has a story and a gift for you.  It is up to you to see that for yourself, to accept the gift and to acknowledge it.  You also give a gift to those with whom you have connected and it is your choice in what gift you leave behind in your wake.  (yes, wake, pun intended).

I had a stormy relationship with my Dad.  For a long time after his passing, I was unable to think of his presence in my life as a gift.  I turned away from the loving thoughts that would have healed my hurting soul.  Anger, resentment and frustration at choices made, situations experienced and life itself ate me up in my heart.  I tried very hard to forgive and forget but it wasn’t until I was ready to release the massive black hole that I came to accept him as he was, flaws and all.  And in accepting him, I was able to see that I was accepting myself.  Geez if I had only not wasted so much time in turmoil, but then my lesson took longer than I expected.  I’ve learned that lessons come in the right time when we are ready to learn.

We have a life here filled with choices that by our free will, we are divinely guided, when we listen with our hearts.  Please take a moment today to listen to your heart ~ fill up your heart with love, light and hope; warm yourself with Divine Guidance; see the good in all people; trust your soul; bless those in your life (past and present) and accept each soul’s gift with gratitude for the experience and beauty that is present in all presence.

Rest in Peace Dad.

Shine On!




25 thoughts on “All Soul’s Day

  1. As Lorrie Said… beautiful post… I’m going to reply to your comment on my blog. I know this was a special day for you too, because we feel the same… much love to you Yvonne, take care ♥

  2. Love this post. Please never chide yourself for the length of time it takes to learn a lesson, because as you said, these revelations come at the exact right time. We can’t rush healing or learnings. It would be like planting an apple seed and expecting a fruit bearing tree immediately. ❤

    You are so inspiring my friend.

    Diana xo

    • Oh Diana, I feel the same way about you! Thank you for your sweet note. I finally learned to accept lessons in the time they are supposed to come and to be learned and move on. It’s hard because I used to like to do everything yesterday but now I know better. Big hugs to you xoxo

  3. No regrets. Only forgiveness and love for yourself Yvonne. He knows your heart. You share so openly, and in doing so, you allow others to feel connected and know there is hope along their journey. This is the gift we have for each other.

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