What are we doing here?


We’re all just walking each other home. ~ Ram Dass

I saw this on FB yesterday and I just loved it.  What an intriguing answer to the question of ‘what are we doing here?’ and such a lovely photo of an autumn path.  It called to me so I thought I’d share it with you as well.

Doesn’t Ram Dass’ quote make it all simple?  And it really is when we strip away all the nonsense that keeps us up at night.  Imagine if you could take all the people in your life and just see them as folks who are just walking home with you.  Wouldn’t you be able to let go of all that annoys you and just allow love for all?  So why not take this moment and do just that?!

We are all just walking as well as we can on this path of life.  We sometimes lose our footing, stumble and even fall, but with help from our inner spirit, God and the outstretched helping hands of others, we can pick ourselves up and continue walking.  Sometimes we can only manage baby steps, while at other times, we can skip, run and even dance!

Letting go of shoulda woulda coulda’s and allowing yourself and others to just be themselves may not be easy for you, but to release judgement and to allow forgiveness is beneficial to you and to everyone else on the path with you.

So today, let’s experiment and just try to view everyone this way!

Shine On!


33 thoughts on “What are we doing here?

  1. Oh, I love, love, love this, Yvonne. Thank you for sharing. It opens me up, it invites all the love I feel to shine. So, let’s grab hands, walk together, and shine on. Feeling like skipping today, how ’bout you?

  2. I just love this – and you! What a wonderful reminder. I am printing this blog and placing it prominently in my house and car to hold in my mind until it lives there! Thank you!!

  3. Yvonne your words are beautiful. I watch and observe people not only for character ideas and stories. I also know that this journey of life challenges all of us and I know nobody has the perfect life. So I take each day as it comes as a gift. Some days are good, some amazing and some I just let go of.

  4. I’m going to save and paste that to my home page. Maybe I’ll do rotating quotes. Right now it says ” you have to power to say this is not how my story ends”. I always ask the question “why am I here”. Of course I know that if I’m still here, there is still work for me to do and experiences to have. Sometimes I get a little homesick and ask the question. Now I have a good answer. Why have I not seen this before??? It’s perfect. Thank you for sharing.

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