How to Freshen Your Hopes


I want to do the right thing, but often, I don’t know just what the right thing is.  Every day I know I have come short of what I would like to have done.  Yet as the years pass and I see the very world itself with its oceans and mountains and plains as something unfinished, a peculiar little satisfaction hunts out the corners of my heart.  Sunsets and evening shadows find me regretful at tasks undone, but sleep and the dawn and the air of the morning touch me with freshening hopes. ~ Carl Sandburg

Do you feel this way at times?  Do you gently lay your head upon your pillow at night, unable to sleep while you recount the day’s events, perhaps even berating yourself for tasks undone, words unsaid (or said) and the feeling of an unfinished day?  Then take a lesson from Carl Sandburg and allow the day to be done, gone the sun…and allow the dawn to freshen your hopes for a new day!

Dawn brings enthusiasm, optimism, inspiration!  Awaken with the joy of a new day where miracles can and do happen!  Where you can create what you want on the clean canvas of a new day!  May you find joy today and every day!  This is your day to…

Shine On!


20 thoughts on “How to Freshen Your Hopes

  1. *smile
    I don’t think I want a blank canvas every morning – but I totally agree that it’s up to us alone if we are going to have a good day or a less good day. And our days don’t have to have miracles … or magic – just an ordinary day is fantastic *smile

  2. Alexander Pope said it “Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
    Man never is, but always to be blessed:
    The soul, uneasy and confined from home,
    Rests and expatiates in a life to come.”
    – Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man

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