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Sunday Inspires


I live in a Divinely inspired Universe. 

I have nothing to fear. 

I trust in myself, and when I do so,

I trust in the very Wisdom that created me.

– From:  I Can Do It – Living In Spirit – By Louise Hay

I just loved this quote so I had to share it with you because I hope it inspires you as well.  As it’s Sunday, a traditional day of rest, I hope that you will take Louise Hay’s quote to heart and allow yourself to trust in God, in the Universe and in the Infinite Divine Loving Spirit which created you.

May you have a lovely day and enjoy with gratitude all that you have in your life!

Shine On!


A Blast of Love

76114343_Wisdom Love Guidance

I learned a new trick from my friend LAngel the other day.  She told me she sends a Blast of Love ahead of herself everyday.  Sometimes even during the day, she’ll send ahead a Blast of Love for the next few hours of her journey that day so that she can look forward to what happens with happy anticipation!  How great is that?  I just love that idea of sending a Blast of Love into my future, don’t you?  So, you know me, I had to try it!  I just quietly imagined a ray of love projecting into my future ~ spreading it’s warmth, generosity and laughter along the way.  I imagined a path ahead strewn with smiles, with joy and with love ~ for me and for all those whom I encountered on my path.  It only took a few minutes and it made me smile as I did it.

And guess what…it worked beautifully!

So, this morning, after I hit the snooze button, I laid in bed quietly listening to the birds chirp outside, counting the blessings of my beautiful family.  It occurred to me that I could send a Blast of Love ahead for each of them while they slept peacefully in their beds.  The words WISDOM LOVE GUIDANCE came to me as I was thinking about our day ahead and I just knew that my BLAST needed to include those powerful words as well.

So I pictured each of them in turn, surrounded by love, with a Blast of Wisdom Love Guidance sent ahead of their paths today.  I held each of them in my mind’s eye and in my loving heart for a few minutes.  I figure that since it worked for me, perhaps it will work for them as well.  I am excited to hear how each of their day’s went since I didn’t tell any of them!

How about you?  You know I can’t leave you out, so with this post, I”m sending a Blast of Love to your journey today as well.  Take a moment, close your eyes and feel the warmth of friendship.  Perhaps you’ll want to send a Blast of Love to your own day as well!  Let me know how it goes ~ I bet your Monday will be marvelous!

A Blast of Love from me to you!

Shine On!