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Angelic Wings Embrace…

“We are, each of us angels with only one wing,

and we can only fly by embracing one another.” -Luciano de Crescenzo

I want to thank you all for everything  ~ I wanted to find the right card from my SendOutCards catalog to post today ~ one that would perfectly describe how I’m feeling since my last post and I am hoping that you feel the same way I do ~ that this one says it all.

To all of you who took a moment to think of me, to vibe, to Reiki, to pray, to read, to bless, to comment, to call, to write and to visit…my heartfelt gratitude goes out to you as words cannot accurately describe the tingling of change I’m feeling…and I know that its power is immeasurable and I’m confident that with baby steps, I am turning the corner…

It’s a good lesson to learn my friends ~ yet another one in my life that I’ve been given before and tried to reject.  So perhaps that’s what this post is all about ~

We are all connected.

Together we can make Miracles.

We are not meant to do it all alone.

Even the strongest oak needs help.

Separately, we can only walk…

Embracing each other allows us to fly!

So let’s soar together my friends, each and every day. 

Allow me to be your ‘wing gal’ and together we share the enthusiasm for life’s flight!

My heartfelt gratitude to you ~

for being My Wings.

Shine and Soar On!


Angel Wings

Thorns and stings

And those such things

Just make stronger

Our Angel Wings ~ Emme Woodhull-Bache

When something happens to you and you can’t quite reason WHY it happened…perhaps it’s simply to make your angel wings stronger…what if you could say that you’ve endured illness, loss, grief, trials and tribulations because they make you stronger and that is the only way to find and use the strength within yourself?

None of us want more pain in our lives, that I completely understand.  But it comes anyway sometimes and the more we fight it, sometimes the more it comes…

Perhaps knowing that enduring whatever painful situation it is, leads to stronger angel wings will make it easier for you.  I remember questioning WHY I had to endure cancer and all that comes with it.  I now know…it was to find my voice to inspire others, to deepen my connection to God/Universe, to rearrange my life so that I could find myself and to remind myself with small trials and tribulations afterward so that I never forget the many lessons I learned.

For those of you enduring troubles, remember that you just need to delve into your strength inside to know that you can sprout angel wings…and reach out to others to help you when you need it.  We are all connected.  We are here for you!

Angel Wings Unite!