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Christmas Presence


Dear Ones,

Hold loosely the presence of love today.  Do not hold tightly to old traditions, but instead go with the flow of being present.  Allow the day to flow freely, evolving divinely to incorporate all the blessings of this beautiful season of  Christ’s birth.

Make your greatest gift your presence with your loved ones.  Pay attention to the moment in the conversation.  Hug with heartfelt joy for life is precious and nothing is ever guaranteed.  Speak with kindness and love in your heart.

The above is what I began channeling before the Christmas Day festivities began and I never finished it unfortunately.  But since today is the day after Christmas and the spirit is still in the air, let me tell you about my day.

It was filled with love and connections with my family.  My greatest gift for which I’m ever grateful was the presence of my sons and the beautiful crystal angel present which they gave me for Christmas.  Through the chaos of circumstances, one bell continued to ring true – we are a family, we are bonded through good times and bad and we support each other’s healing with respect, love and kindness.  Our accepting open hearts and ability to share our feelings triumphs all worldly goods.  Our presence together speaks volumes in a world which is littered with distractions.  Unmasking the superficial, we are really ourselves – our gift to all.  We shine our heartlights with loving presence.  We hold dearly truth and open mindedness.  We bond together with love in our hearts.

That Christmas presence pervaded the celebrations.   When feeling weary from outside forces, we sought shelter together.  We understood each other in profound ways.  Kindness in act, word and deed and living at the higher vibrations was the melody on which we floated.  We chose the gift of presence with each other and that’s the greatest present of all.

Shine On!


What’s A Soul Family?


I came across an article this morning which intrigues me.  Here  I found an article which explains the term soul family in an easy to read way.  I would love to hear your views on it if you have a few minutes and are inclined to read what John L. Payne has to say about the soul family connection.

This morning’s find helped me to accept peace within some my relationships which had previously been fraught with emotional misunderstandings.  I feel the need to explain to you and perhaps to clarify for myself that the bottom line in all of our relationships is to find the place of peace, love and acceptance for ourselves and for every single person/soul with whom we connect.

Whatever your beliefs, be in God, Buddha, the Universe etc., whatever your religious view, I think all boils down to one word ~ LOVE as LOVE is the universal connector, the medicine which heals through the heartlight which shines in the darkness of tragedy, loss, grief and even through death.

I’ve written before about our legacy after death in Love Them Deeply.   But it is in the now, the present moment which we all share that can be fraught with angst when we feel disconnected with ourselves and/or the multitude of souls in our life.  Disconnecting with our own selves doesn’t help us to forge connections with others.  To connect, we must empower our souls with self-love.  You may say, I love myself and for that gift, I am grateful.  You may believe that the term self-love is ego-driven, narcissistic or haughty.  Dear friends, in the pure light of love, self-love is none of those things.

When you are compassionate with yourself, you trust in your soul, which you let guide your life.

Your soul knows the geography of your destiny better than you do.”— John O’Donohue

I am blessed to be on this life journey with all of you.  I am ever grateful to my soul family for the lessons and learning which have come from the multitude of our shared varied experiences.  Another layer of understanding has been added to the tapestry of my life by reading, learning, listening and connecting with all the souls with whom I am continue to connect.  The beauty in life is that our soul’s journey continues to expand, to grow and to connect as we move along our chosen path on Earth.  With blessings and gratitude, I shine my heartlight out to you and accept and appreciate seeing yours shining as well.

♥ May your angels be with you today and always ♥

 ~ 11/11 ~

Shine On!


The Voice in Your Head


“If someone in your life talked to you the way you talk to yourself,

you would have left them long ago.” 

 – Carla Gordon

There is a voice that I hear, sometimes as a bellow and sometimes as a whisper.  I only became aware of it in the last few years, although if truth be told, I have heard it time and time again in my life.  I used to think it was a Jiminy Cricket voice, you know, your conscience?  But the voice to which I am referring, has nothing to do with my conscience.  That part if me is clear.  This voice is authoritative, it has strength and when I tried new things, it tried to block me from doing them ~ and if I did indeed succeed in trying, it would either criticize me for having failed or remain silent when I triumphed.

Have you ever stopped to listen to yourself ~ to the voice in your head ~ especially after you’ve done something that you weren’t sure about?  Do you even notice that voice ~ are you aware of it?  Or are you thinking me crazy ~ which I protest, I am most certainly not!

The voice is sneaky.  It seeps into the running monologue in my head.  At one point when I was much younger, I stopped eating for awhile.  The voice would urge me on to see how far I could go on a few saltines and a leaf of lettuce.  The voice and I would feel triumphant that we were not controlled by food, that we had such discipline to not be so weak as to feed me more than that.  I could survive so easily on so little nourishment and I triumphed.  I was able to fool everyone ~ working 2 jobs and convincing everyone that I was eating at the other job.  Even more impressive to me was that I was getting thinner and by social standards, thinner is better, right?

Thinking back, it happened for a week or two when I was 12 years old as well.  For some unknown reason at the time, I completely stopped eating.  I shut down.  I only wanted to drink water and I was ravenously thirsty.   I was given a battery of tests, only to find out that there was nothing wrong with me.  After awhile, the episode passed and I ate again.  But until I was much older, I never put 2 & 2 together to realize why it was that I put my life on hold.  What I do recall was the complete feeling of apathy towards eating and how I wasn’t able to talk with anyone about it.

That voice still tries to be heard in my life, but for the most part, I have kicked it to the curb.  I found that it wasn’t a friend.  It didn’t talk nicely to me unless it was somehow getting me to discipline myself even more than I already did.  When I think about it, if it had been a real live friend who had said those things to me, I would have said goodbye to that friendship long ago.

So why did I permit the voice to continue?  Why did I allow myself to believe that no matter what I did, I wasn’t enough?  The self-criticism in me was even worse than the outside world’s perceived condemnation.  At times, I bowed to it and strove for perfection and at others, I simply accepted the devastating knowledge that I wasn’t good enough and I bowed in sorrow.  I can’t answer why to the questions above.  I can only channel hope, inspiration and love into my heart these days in order to swing the pendulum of the voice and to drown out its power.  It isn’t easy.  It requires my beloved baby steps, but the best part is that it is possible.

So the next time you hear that voice which says, ‘not enough’ I want you to drown it out with the song below ~ from me to you ~ We Are Family!

“Have faith in you and the things you do, you won’t go wrong.  This is our family jewel!”

I’m your biggest fan!

Shine On!