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YOU Can Change the World

worldNow is your time to change the world

The past few posts have been about changing your world which then changes the world around you which changes the people around you, which changes the vibration of the world around you which in turn changes our universe.  Playing small doesn’t seem so ideal anymore when you can look beyond your own world and see the impact you make when you reach out of your comfort zone to play bigger, share more love, connect with more people and shine your sun self brighter.

I have no idea of the astrological affects of your changing the world as such, but I can only imagine how life altering for so many it will be.  So what’s stopping you?  Are you afraid of what people may say if you decide to take your loving message to more people in a bigger way?  Quite frankly, do you care?  Do you feel that sun’s warmth in your heart?  Let’s make it grow with enthusiasm and let’s make it shine brighter everyday!  You can, you know.  You were born with the capacity to change lives, to change your own and to create your own loving world.  Why not expand it and power it up to multiply the peace and unity of love!

Let’s Shine On!