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Inner Hotshot University and Hay House World Summit 2013

bannerAre you familiar with Hay House?  Get ready for an enjoyable 10 free days of comfort stretching, mind expanding, life improving teachers who will help us on our Inner Hotshot University journey!  Read below to sign up and see what it’s all about!  Got a favorite author?  I’ve included the schedule for you!

Shine On!



Join 110 World-Renowned Teachers in this FREE Online Event as They Guide You Step-by-Step to Improve All Areas of Your Life!

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The Hay House World Summit will bring together 110 hour-long conversations with world-renowned experts from the personal-growth field to share with you the practical, applicable ways in which they incorporate their teachings in their own lives . . . and how you can do the same! Join us from June 1st to 10th to listen to all of these intimate conversations for FREE. It takes place right in front of your computer or mobile device, click here for the full lineup.


Register now and you will immediately receive six bonus videos. . .

Get these 10-minute sneak previews of candid conversations between Hay House CEO Reid Tracy and these amazing teachers: Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks, Suze Orman, Cheryl Richardson, and Doreen Virtue. During the Hay House World Summit you will have the opportunity to hear these entire hour long conversations!

  Video #1 Conversation with Louise Hay
Listen in with the woman who started it all as she shares some of her personal affirmations, her wisdom about the importance of forgiveness, and tips for removing negative thoughts.
  Video #2 Conversation with
Wayne Dyer
Everyone has changes they want to make in life, but how do some succeed where others give up? Listen in as Wayne Dyer talks about change and the critical factor of burning desire, revealing what he has always know from his own “inner-flame.”

  Video #3 Conversation with Doreen Virtue
Listen in as Doreen relates never-before-told stories about how angels have guided her throughout her life, and how calling on one of the seven archangels can guide you and assist you in finding your own life’s purpose.
  Video #4 Conversation with
Esther Hicks
Watch as Esther relates the personal practices and tools she has learned from Abraham and employs in her everyday life and gives advice that everyone can use in applying those processes to your own life.

 suze-orman-video Video #5 Conversation with
Suze Orman
Tune in as Suze uncovers the reason why you may have a complex relationship with your money and how, by putting your needs at the forefront, you will find your own path to smarter money decisions.
  Video #6 Conversation with
Cheryl Richardson
Listen in as Cheryl shares some great tips for those who are considering major life changes and helpful stories that outline tools for positive change.

These are only a few of the intimate conversations with your favorite teachers sharing personal stories and practical tips that really work in your everyday life.


For 10 consecutive days you’ll be able to learn from our incredible teachers on a variety of topics that are truly life changing. And this practical advice is easy to apply to your OWN Life!

And the best part is you’ll be able to do it all… for FREE.

computer-ipadDuring Gregg Braden’s fascinating conversation you’ll discover the five key false assumptions we’ve all been led to hold as true, and how this obsolete thinking has contributed to the many crises we face today. While Joan Borysenko offers two meditation and breathing techniques for inhibiting fear and calming down the structures of the limbic system, along with many other tips and practical advice for stress-free living!

Interviews with health advocates including Kris Carr, Christine Northrup, Bernie Siegel, Donna Gates, Jorge Cruise and Mark Hyman will illuminate the many paths to healing your body and enjoying your health. Fresh off the success of his new book The Tapping Solution, Nick Ortner will also share a simple solution for stress-free living.

super-packageRelax and enjoy guided meditation exercises from Denise Linn and Sonia Choquette among many others. John Holland will discuss how to tap in to your soul’s innate desires and abilities in his interview; while as an interviewer, he will engage with other intuitive speakers like John Edward about the facts and fiction from the spirit world. And meet Lisa Williams and learn how to open up your own psychic awareness.

And you won’t want to miss Brian L. Weiss, M.D., as he demonstrates past-life regression and meditation techniques to help bring more happiness and joy to your life. You’ll even get a special regression exercise to bring you to a happy childhood memory. James Van Praagh begins and ends his discussion with beautiful meditations, where you learn how to tune in to your intuitive abilities and trust your own senses.

Best of all, we’re thrilled to share a rare and intimate conversation with the founder of Hay House, Louise Hay. Listen in as she gives insight to the affirmations and positive thoughts that help her live a balanced and joyful life so you can too.

We have something for everyone at this incredible event! This is just a small taste of the 110 hours of FREE content on a variety of topics, advice and wisdom you will experience at the 2013 Hay House World Summit!
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Are you ready to explore the possibilities of what your life can be like? 

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You’ll Get Immediate Access to:

Six bonus videos giving you ten minute previews of candid conversations between Hay House President, Reid Tracy and these amazing teachers: Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks, Suze Orman, Cheryl Richardson, and Doreen Virtue.

During this life-changing event, our experts will guide you

through 10 powerful days of candid conversations on a variety of topics:

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Be the Change…


be the change you wish to see in the world ~ gandhi

Did you get a chance to see The Shift that I wrote about here?  What did you think of it?  Did you enjoy it?  Did you feel delicious afterwards?  Were you inspired?  I felt all of the above plus I felt such an amazing connection that I want to lead the parade to be the change we wish to see in the world!  Want to join me?

Change is a great word ~ albeit a scary one to many as it involves the unknown which many times strikes fear in the hearts of those not ready to go with the flow.  My nature was to fear the unknown, but lately I’ve been feeling the urge to go with the flow and not worry so much about things.  Call it a bit of peace?  A bit of knowing?  A bit of feeling more confident by trusting in God/Universe/Angels/Me.

I’m not saying that I’m completely over worry or fear, but I’m sure as heck trying!  You see, I want inner peace and I want you all to enjoy it as well.  That delish feeling of being present and at peace!  Since I got a taste of it last week, it’s like having a small taste of  the most decadent chocolate (for a chocolate lover like me) and then knowing that the whole cake is there whenever I want it (but having to watch my waistline so I have to be careful not to eat it all at once without having any left!)  The kid in me wants to gobble it all down and hope for more.

Wait!!  I can conceivably gobble it all down, enjoy it abundantly and know that there’s more delicious chocolate cake to enjoy!

Huh?  You might be thinking…what is this post about?  To what is she referring?  Has she gone off her diet or her rocker?

Why YES ~ I am off the diet of fear!  I am off the diet of feeling afraid of change…I am off the diet of feeling starved for the delicious feeling of peace and presence!  Are you?

I spoke with my friend AAngel yesterday who talks about her job incessantly.  Whenever we chat on the phone, it is always about her job and how she has this deal and that deal that must be closed by this timeline and she’s always crazy busy, doing 2 things at once.  She means well, but I know when we get on the phone, she’ll be multi-tasking, sending emails while I’m talking etc.  Yesterday I mentioned that if she dislikes her job so much that she should find a new one.  Perhaps it’s time for a change?  There are plenty of jobs out there for her amazing skills and she could find one that makes her feel less-harried and more fulfilled.  I mentioned The Shift to her and she quickly dismissed it saying that she didn’t have 2 hours to sit and watch a movie because there was so much to do ~ work, being a mom, a wife, and needing to make money…and I understood as I’ve been in her shoes…but no more!

My life circumstances haven’t changed from the outside ~ no windfalls or lottery wins (yet!), but inside, there’s been the shift and it’s curious to me how it’s opened up a place of peace in my heart, my soul, myself.  This morning I awoke with my entire insides vibrating like the wings of a hummingbird with different thoughts of possibility!  I feel inspired today, like anything is possible and I’m loving it!  So please be patient with me if my post were a bit disjointed.  I’m having trouble focusing as there are so many wonderful possibilities for today!

Come SHIFT with me to the DELICIOUS side

of possibility, of change and of inner/outer peaceful presence! 

The infinite chocolate cake is decadent! 🙂

Shine On!


God grant me…a Thankful Thursday!

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference. -Reinhold Niebuhr

At various times in my life, I have, like a little pitbull, tried to change people, circumstances and situations to no avail.  I have, like a stubborn mule, refused to believe that if I just worked harder, showed how good I was, did everything perfectly, explained it better or got ‘them’ to see the light, that the desired effect would reign supreme.

And as you can guess, it didn’t work…maybe it did once or twice, but the majority of the time, my plan of execution fell short.

The above quote has been passed around many times, but I think it bears repeating because it’s a lesson that we all need to learn and sometimes relearn when we forget that the only thing we can change, the only person we can change is ourselves.  (not sure if that it grammatically correct, but you get the gist, right?)

Wayne Dyer has a quote which I adore ~ When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

So now, when I see or feel the need for change, I don’t look outside myself or at my circumstances ~  instead I try to change the way I look at things and change myself, my way of thinking, my way of perceiving the situation, the people, the circumstance.  By no means is this an easy feat, but instead of feeling powerless, I feel powerful because I know I can do anything that I set my mind to and I can choose to just ‘be’ with what I find unacceptable knowing that it’s not about me.

That’s been a big change for me ~ one which I am still seeing the ripples of peace glide through my life because of it.

So on Thankful Thursday I offer this tidbit to you.

Be Thankful for YOU!  You have the Power to KNOW the Difference ~ so use it!

Be still ~ Be free ~ Be YOU!

And don’t let the turkeys get you down! 🙂


Have a Happy Day!

Have a Happy Day!

Sometimes we just need a reminder to have a Happy Day ~ so here’s your own personalized one!

Look for the little things and the big things that make you happy today.  Find the happiness inside of yourself and look to spread that happiness to others!  Haven’t you ever heard that you get what you are looking for?  So look for the good and you’ll find it!  Look for the negative, and alas, you’ll find that as well!

Of course, there are times in life that perhaps it’s harder to find the good in the day, but keep looking as it’s always there…even the fact that the sun was out today or that the rain was feeding the flowers, or that the snow was falling in such a beautiful way…or that the clouds above were dancing along making moving pictures just for you!

See?  It’s all how you look at things…which reminds me of my favorite quote by Wayne Dyer:

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!”

Take a moment and really digest that line…now…you CAN have a Happy Day!