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Human Connections

Only through our connectedness to others can we really know and enhance the self.

And only through working on the self can we begin to enhance our connectedness to others.

– Harriet Goldhor Lerner

As a connector myself, I love helping others connect.  It can be as simple as ‘hey I need a good eye doctor who can help me with contacts’ to ‘do you know a good dance instructor who would teach a bunch of 5th graders how to waltz and make it fun?’  FYI:  I knew both and was able to connect them all happily…and to me, it makes me feel so good!

I have been in a bit of hibernation lately, however, with Spring emerging, I am well on my way to reconnecting with others ~ and this lovely card reminds me of the support and connections we all have for each other.  Strengthening our bonds and connections inspires us to better ourselves which brings us immense joy in our lives.  Sitting on the couch eating bon bons is fun once in awhile, but becoming a part of this beautiful Universe and interacting with its inhabitants is a more rewarding choice.

When we connect, we help each other to soar higher, to accomplish more and to be happier people.  Knowing you are connected to others, gives you strength, patience, kindness and inspires you to move out of your comfort zone and emerge from a self-imposed cocoon.  The simple “I CAN” thought can move mountains, climb Everest and perhaps even one day cure cancer.

So if after this wet, wintry season, you find that you are entombed on your couch watching Oprah’s LifeClasses in reruns, get up and go out for a walk!  You never know who you may find out there in this big world and who will enhance your journey here!

Your job today?  Smile!  Move!  Connect!

Happy Tuesday!


I Believe in You!

It’s not how many doors are opened to you that counts,

it’s how many you’re brave enough to walk through.

As in anything in life, it’s about courage…belief in oneself, feeling that strength of someone’s belief in you, only fuel courage.

I find that as I still get tested for cancer periodically, I still battle the fear of re-occurrence.   It takes courage to go alone to the doctor’s and face the possibility of cancer, but for a few years now, I have walked in with the knowledge deep in my soul that I’ve already endured this and if I have to, I can do it again.

But it’s not so easy as you know to endure cancer or any of the situations in life that we have endured.  It takes immense self-love, patience, strength, courage, wisdom, hope and the ability to realize that we are all connected so that you can ask for help.  Because regardless of what you think, you are not alone.

I found that those who had endured a similar cancer diagnosis ‘got’ what I was talking about and with them (some of whom were complete strangers) I felt that connection immediately ~ somebody understood…but I also learned a lesson for myself.  One that I am still learning everyday.

SELF – LOVE.  I don’t mean the kind that makes your ego pump up, nor the type which keeps you self-absorbed…but the kind that allows you to treat yourself as you would your best friend, saying kind words, being hopeful and hand-holding instead of criticizing, degrading and being just plain mean to yourself.

For me, it’s a vigilance to keep that criticizing voice out of my head.  I am normally a positive person, but I can be hard on myself at times and I am working on changing that aspect.

This is a growing year for me and I am embracing the changes that it is heralding…and I hope you will as well!

The door is open my friends

Let’s walk through that door together!