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Empathic Eclipse Of The Heart


I’m struggling today.  Surely it’s due to a bunch of different occurrences, but my heart is heavy and my solar plexus is filled with sadness.  The news of the school shooting in Florida made me cry for the unbelievable news haunts me.  To have sent your children and loved ones off to school on Valentine’s Day, where they should be safe, and to have this life changing situation happen is beyond my understanding.

How can our world be so filled with destruction, ugliness and hate?

I don’t want to discuss gun control so please don’t go there.  I just am in this place of extreme sadness for the lack of peace and love in our world.  My heart aches for the losses of life.  I’m saddened to my core by the lack of love that swirls, the absence of peace and I ache for healing for all of us.  I feel the fear that events such as these increase and the extreme heartbreak that lingers.

Yet, as stories emerge of bravery, and of courage under fire, I know that there are many good-hearted people in the world who do step up in the face of danger as shown by the courageous acts that are recounted.  I hang onto the hope from hearing them.  But I’m also crushed that the heroes have fallen as they protected others.  Surely there’s a special place in Heaven for those who give up their lives in order to save someone else.

We have another eclipse today as well which certainly affects us all, especially empaths like me.  Our weather is changing too which doesn’t help so I am honoring myself and allowing these feelings to flow onto this page in order to help to heal.  Perhaps you are feeling similarly?

Dear friends, globally let’s shine our heartlights and raise the loving vibrations of our community here in the blogsphere.  Please let’s send healing thoughts with light and love into the world today.  Please let’s drive out the darkness with our heartlights.

I’m sending you all love and healing vibrations of community.  Let’s join together to send prayers and support to those victims and their families as they face the aftermath of what is becoming all too common.  Thank you for reading my post.

Shine On!


Lift Your Heart

36337107_What Lifts Your Heart?

Valentine’s Day evokes thoughts of love, happy anticipation of cards, flowers and candy sent and received.  But without the commercialism tied to Valentine’s Day, it’s simply the 14th of February.  If you haven’t a Valentine to share the day with, then what do you do?  Ask yourself, when you strip away the fluff of the holiday, what’s left?

Love.  Gratitude.  Presence.

What lifts your heart?  Do you know?  What makes you happy?  Who do you love?  What do you love to do?  What and who brings incredible joy and love and laughter in your life?  How does your heart swell with love, gratitude and presence?  Do you know how to lift your heart?

It requires a bit of self-discovery if the questions above weren’t easily answered by you.  But I believe that this Valentine’s Day, the love should be in your heart for you as well as for others.  A Valentine’s gift to yourself ~ pamper yourself by spending some precious time with someone who lifts your heart ~ YOU!

Write yourself a list of what you enjoy doing, what you love, and what swells and lifts your heart.  Is it the joy of cooking?  Is it the smell of recently mowed grass?  Is it watching snow fall gently to the Earth?  Is it creating and singing  beautiful music?  Is it the warmth of sunshine on your face?  Is it in the melody of laughter?  Is it in fur therapy ~ the love and bonding with a pet?  Is it in the bonding with your family and loved ones?  Or is it simply in awakening at dawn to a new day full of possibility?

Write your list of 10 ~ and enjoy a few of those precious gifts with yourself.  Share your love with your own heart and then let your love be shared with others.

As we’ve heard before in a song, “Love the one you’re with” and that’s ALWAYS YOU!

Shine On!


How to be a Rockstar on Valentine’s Day


When you hear the words Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind?  Are you excited to have the formal holiday opportunity to share your love or is it more of a fearful reaction combined with the wonder of what to say?  Or is Valentine’s Day one of those holidays which you wish would simply go away and not be, well, so global?!

Do you go into the store walk the aisles trying to find the right card with the right image and then get annoyed when the card of your choice is $4.99?  Or do you pick up cards only to put them down because they aren’t quite right?  Or are you like the SkitGuys below?  This is a good Monday giggle!


I’ve got the solution ~  SendOutCards!

Stay on your computer (or use the app on your phone)!

Log on here!

1.  Pick your card

2.  Write your heartfelt message

3.  Fill out the online envelope (yes, it’s that easy)

4.  Add a gift if you choose to and then click SEND!

Voila!  Your card and gift are printed and mailed for you so that your recipient gets a real paper card in the mailbox for Valentine’s Day!

You only pay for cards and gifts you send…the account is free! 

Cards cost under $2 plus postage!


Shine On!


Who Do You LOVE?


Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!

There are  7 days left before Valentine’s Day ~ the holiday which allows you to open your heart and express how you feel without feeling funny because everyone is doing it!  (Yikes!  I hope my kids don’t read this post as I never let them do things just because everyone is doing it!)

I learned a sad lesson when my Dad died as the tricky conjecture of “did you love me and did you know I loved you?” can be a hard way to think when there’s not something tangible to hold, to see and to reread in the days to come.  You know what I mean, don’t you?  Tomorrow is promised to no one and we only have today.   I am a card giver (and I love to receive as well), and I want you to know why ~ it’s because the written word is tangible.  A card can be held, your words can be reread forever and no matter how long it’s been since we’ve had contact, when you write your feelings in a card, they are a lifelong memory of love.  There’s no trying to remember what you said to me or twisting memories.  It’s all there, in black and white, in your handwriting if you choose, in any color ink imaginable and in whatever language you speak because there are accents for French, Spanish, German, Italian or Portuguese in any font.  Your words, not someone else’s (unless of course you need a little help)!

What’s more special than that?  A real greeting card of love (or like) in the mailbox amidst the junk mail and bills to brighten your loved one’s day!  The beauty of it is that a card is forever, and with SendOutCards, it’s a priceless gift which costs less than $2!  Even when you add your own pictures to it, it still costs less than $2 plus postage!  You can even add a video via a QR code into your card!  How amazing is it to be able to have an interactive card ~ letting your loved one SEE you telling them that you love them!

So…Who needs to know how you feel?

Today my GIFT TO YOU is a FREE CARD ~ please send a special person a card today!

Click here to send a FREE CARD!

Who do you LOVE?

(George Thorogood’s song is below in case you want to rock out today!)

Shine On & Share the LOVE!


Life…musings on a Wednesday!

BAngel sent me the video below…it takes 2 minutes to watch, but as I watched it this morning, I was mesmerized…and had to share it with you.  I adore flowers, I always have.  A few times a month, I buy myself flowers because they bring me joy…they make me feel happy to look at them, to smell them and they are my little reminder that I am one of God’s children.  Often, I have told my family that upon my demise, don’t waste your money on big floral arrangements for me because I won’t be able to enjoy them when I’m dead.  So I buy them while I’m alive…when flowers are just right and I feel that pull to purchase them…

Yesterday I was in the store and saw the most perfect pink roses ever…and upon closer inspection, I saw that they were the perfect bunch that would open properly so that I could enjoy them for a week or more…and I had to have them.  So I did…I bought them, brought them home and put them in various vases to decorate our home.

My point today is that life is about the little things which make you happy…what makes you happy and puts a spring in your step?  What little changes could you make today to make your day a bit brighter?  It doesn’t have to be an expensive something, it can be your favorite latte or wearing perfume or using the ‘good china’ at dinner…life is meant to be lived and many times we scrimp and save things for later because we feel that they’re too good for the everyday…but everyday is a gift my friends…we have no certainty of the future ~ lives can change in a moment so ENJOY!  DO!  I’m not advocating going out and buying more than you can afford, but to enjoy what you have right now…give yourself a little boost today by doing something special for yourself..

Let yourself Blossom (as I said yesterday)…and tell me what you’re doing that special for you!

Clic aquí: La vida de las flores

Above says, click here ~ The life of Flowers…


Retreat ~Relax ~Release ~Renew ~Revive ~Repeat!

There are times that I need to relax, retreat and renew…I believe that we all have these moments where we just need to ‘be’ in order to regroup, refresh and be able to return to our daily lives in order to be the best we can be…

Life flies by so quickly and at times, we get sucked up into that vortex of busy-ness and have to’s and should do’s…and we miss out on the preciousness of life.

We need to just look up and notice life, the clouds, the sun, nature…to just take a moment to breathe, to inhale the freshness of the moment and to accept that we are here, be PRESENT with the PRESENTS of Life that we are blessed with in order to receive the gifts that we deserve.

Being PRESENT is so important and I am so grateful for all of the blessings, both big and small, that I enjoy.   So I am going on a retreat…to relax, release, renew, revive and repeat…and I will not be blogging while I go tech-less for a few days…and I will return with a renewed sense of romance, research, relaxation, revival, release…

I wish you a beautiful Valentine’s Day…one where you learn to love yourself and to love all those in your life.  Renew your relationships, release your frustrations, revive your romance, relax your mind, body and soul and enjoy the Presents of Presence…

We only have today…take care to enjoy it!


A Plethora of Love!

Ok, so today I’m changing it up a bit…

here are a bunch of Valentine Cards from SendOutCards ~

some are funny, some are sweet, some are not what I’d send, but they are still neat!

Oh, a rhyme!  Giggle giggle… Enjoy!


Best part?  You can even make your own Valentine…

upload all the photos you want,

put on some borders,

write your heartfelt message, in your own handwriting

and click SEND!  You can even send a little gift as well…

All for under $1.40

What are you waiting for?

Send a card to your Valentine!


P.S. Boys & puppy aren’t mine, but they are so cute aren’t they?



Just for a moment, I want you to think with me…think quietly for a moment

and ask yourself these questions~

Who needs to hear from you?

Who have you been meaning to reach out to and simply haven’t?

Who do you wish you’d kept in touch with but it’s been so long that you feel funny about calling them?

Who do you love?

Who do you miss?

Who do you know who needs a hug? A friendly reminder that they’re thought of by you?

Whose day would you like to make brighter?

Who do you want to thank for being there for you?

Who do you want to be there for?


The Beauty of SendOutCards is that in an instant, you can do just that…

choose a card, write a heartfelt message,

insert photos and even videos and click SEND!

SOC (SendOutCards) prints, stuffs, seals, addresses, stamps and

MAILS your card and gift for you within 24 hours!

And you haven’t left your comfy couch, you haven’t driven to a store,

you haven’t gotten off your computer!

Life is short…Valentine’s Day is now.

Why not reach out and touch someone?

Life is for the living…

Reconnect with a friend

Today’s the day!