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Well, it’s getting to be even stranger around here lately with the weather.  Old Man Winter seems to be even more confused, since yesterday we had wind, rain, sleet, snow and…lightning and thunder!  I looked it up and they call it Thundersnow!  There is a scientific climate reason for it and it did happen because I witnessed it!  I saw the lightning and heard thunder as the snow fell from the sky in the early afternoon.

At first, I thought – what was that? as I glimpsed out of the corner of my eye a flash of light outside.  Then, I heard a rumbling…was that thunder?   So I looked out the window at the falling snow and saw the flash of lightning and then heard the thunder roar and it was confirmed!  Later, on the news, I saw the word Thundersnow and voila!  I added another word to my climate vocabulary!

Have you ever experienced thundersnow?  Have you been having crazy weather lately?

Stay warm, stay safe and enjoy the wild weather ride!  Keep shining your heartlights!

Shine On!