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Remember to Say Thank You


Life flows when we give and when we accept the blessings given to us.  Expressing gratitude is not difficult, but certainly is necessary.  Being appreciative for the blessings bestowed on us, little or big, requires being in a place of gratitude.  For when we ‘count our blessings’ we invite more blessings because we are showing appreciation.

Lately, I’ve been expressing my gratitude to God and to the Universe for the blessings which have been given to me.  It seems that the more I thank God and the Universe for even the simplest of gifts, the more blessings flow to me.  It’s that Law of Attraction mentality I think.  Have you heard of Law of Attraction?  I’ve written many posts on it before in my blog.  Just search Law of Attraction and surely you’ll find more about it here.

I think in our busy lives we forget to be grateful for the simplest things which we take for granted.  We become disconnected with the gifts we receive in our daily life.  Just having shelter, food, health, love and income, bare minimums is a blessing that we forget to acknowledge for there are many who lack these minimums.  Instead I think sometimes we are focused on what we don’t have or what we want, instead of what we currently have.  It’s a different way of thinking for some, but it’s a choice in how you look at it.

Is that glass half full or half empty for you?

Or are you just grateful to have the glass that can be refilled?

That’s how life is – you choose how you look at things and you can choose again when you learn more about life.  That’s the great part of life lessons!  We learn and grow at different speeds, but as we connect, we learn more because we share our lessons with those who are interested in connecting.

I have learned so much from blogging friendships that we’ve made and from friends who have taken the time to share what they have learned from life lessons.  My heartfelt thanks to all of you!  I hope that in some way, I have helped you as well.

Shine On!


Shine On!

76342556_If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand. – Unknown

Is there someone you could say this to?  Do you know someone who would say it to you?  I saw this quote and had to make it a card today because I loved it so much.  It’s Friday ~ isn’t today the perfect day to say this to your loved one?  Come on, you know it would totally make their day!

In the meantime, just know this one’s for you ~ from me!

Because YOU make me smile!

My hands are full of stars!

Shine On!


P.S.  Do you like this quote?  Want to make your own card?  Click here and be my guest!

Daily Prompt ~ Kindness Connections

61874519_Thank you for your kindness!

Today’s Daily Prompt is perfect for me.  In fact, the funny thing was that when I read it this morning in my email, I knew it was for me, but I also felt that I wouldn’t know really what to write until later on this afternoon ~ and honestly, I was exactly right.

Today I was given a priceless gift of magnitude proportions from a stranger, a blogger with whom I have connected, and she has changed my life in the most wonderful way.  I can never repay this kindness, but the peace, tranquility, knowledge and understanding that she has given to me has changed me in a way I could have never imagined.

Please know that I am humbled by your gift, Deb ~ please accept my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.  Thank you from my heart and soul.  Your kindness will never be forgotten.  I am so blessed by our connection.

Keep connecting!

You never know how you can change another’s life ~ for the better!

Shine On!


Daily Prompt: Moment of Kindness

Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else — loved one or complete stranger.



A Full Year of Sadness

10753428_So it’s coming up on the one year anniversary of my Dad’s passing and I guess I’m feeling a bit weepy these days.  I just can’t seem to get myself organized to actually write a decent post, so I’ve been quiet because I just don’t seem to have the energy to write.  It seems like he’s been gone for a very long time and yet at other moments, it seems like he just left.

I think because I’ve dedicated the entire past year to my Mom and her grief, Dad’s business and taking care of all of the things that Dad did, that I’ve not allowed myself to truly grieve.  I’ve had bouts of tears and they’ve been bubbling below the surface for a long time.  But I’ve had to be strong for everyone else, forging through the mountains of paperwork, sifting through the calls, the sympathy cards and taking care of his business all the while, taking care of everyone else but me, so they haven’t been allowed to flow freely.  They’ve been held back, measured and given freedom in small doses.

Not a healthy choice, I know.  But it was my choice, what I thought was what I was supposed to do, what I should do and had to do and what I needed to do as the caregiver, the elder daughter and the peacekeeper.  But it’s come to my attention, that I need to make time for me now.  It’s just hard to extricate myself from the role that I was handed by default and taken up since he passed.

I know that change is hard and that self-change is hard as well.  When I change, I know that it probably won’t be met with acceptance by the others.  Surely there will be a transitional period of time that may not be comfortable for us all.  But it is necessary now.  I have done my duty and now I need some time for myself.

I need to grieve.

So please excuse Little Miss Inspirational’s downtime, but in stretching out of my comfort zone, I’m taking care of me.   I know it’s not going to be easy, but I know it will be worth it.

Thanks for your support and understanding. 

In the meantime, keep stretching out of your comfort zones and…

Shine On!



6248602_Today’s Daily Prompt asks ‘when you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone?  What does it take for you to ask for help?’ which I found to be an interesting subject so I thought I’d use it for my post today.

I’ve been unwell ~ breast cancer ~ diagnosed at the end of 2001 which means I’ve been dealing with the fallout of the disease for almost 12 years.  Certainly it doesn’t seem that long, but at times, it feels like forever.  I’ve been unwell to all different degrees with the pink beast ~ my body has endured more than her share of surgeries, with one still on the horizon and more medicines have been pumped into her with all different side effects as a result.  Believe me, I’ve had my share.  There have been days where I couldn’t get out of bed due to intense pains, but I soldiered on with help so that I could be a part of my family for a little while each day.  I’ve tried to be an inspiration to my family and others, although I’m not afraid of asking for help when needed.  Being a Mom/Wife with an active family but being under the weather, I needed and accepted all of the help that was given so kindly to me.

But today as it so happens that I”m battling a cold/allergies ~ not quite sure which, but it’s something I’ve been battling now since Friday and not getting any better.  My boys are older now so they can help around the house which is great news for me.  Will I ask for help from others outside our immediate family?  No.  But will I accept help?  Yes.  In fact, during the torrential storms of yesterday, my neighbor stopped by and asked if I needed anything as she was going to the store.  I took the opportunity to ask for a gallon of milk which she bought for me and delivered so kindly during a crazy storm which flooded our neighborhood.  I am blessed.

Do you accept help or do you soldier on?  I find that people often want to help, but don’t know how or what to offer.  For me, it was easy ~ feed me and my family!  So the next time you hear of a friend who needs a helping hand, take that special opportunity to connect with them ~ offer to make dinner or go to the grocery store.  Perhaps you take her/him out to lunch or drive them somewhere ~ even helping with rides for the children helps when you’re battling an illness.

It’s when we send out love that we receive even more than we send out!  Take a moment today to see who you can help ~ you can make a difference for even the smallest of kindnesses sometimes mean the most!

Shine On!


When I thought of SOS, I thought of this song…perhaps you’re in the mood for a little Abba?

Daily Prompt: Take Care


When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?




You know how in football, before the goal, they say HIKE and the play begins?  Well, that’s where I am ~ I love this card because in answering the Daily Prompt’s questions it fits perfectly.  So here are my answers.  Feel free to comment below and answer these questions as well!  I’d love to hear about you too!

When you started this blog, did you set any goals?

To be honest, I set out to just try to blog in the beginning.  I wanted to share what I’d learned from enduring breast cancer as I was a celebrating being a 10 year survivor!  To me, it was an awakening that I was still here even after all I’d endured.  I wanted to write a book, but I felt like what I was writing was riddled with jumps in storytelling.  It didn’t flow properly.

The idea of a blog, a little daily tidbit, appealed to me.  So I simply set out to write often about whatever was pertinent to me that day in hopes that someone out there in this big world would find some type of comfort and connection to it/me.  I wanted to find and forge a community of people who would connect and enjoy life.

Lift each other up, empathize when needed and inspire each other ~

connecting with our strengths and developing our weaknesses.

Have they changed at all?

Certainly they’ve changed.  But the core is still there.  I believe that we are all connected and I love the safe sense of community which bloggers enjoy.  As I wrote above, the blog has developed as time has gone on.  Now with Inner Hotshot University, I’m playing with connecting our strengths and developing our weaknesses by simply taking the commitment to do one thing every week to stretch out of our comfort zones.  I’m not a professional.  I just want to inspire you to continue to learn, to create the life you love living, to appreciate your life and to be grateful.

I started out as Misifusa’s Blog until the name The Presents of Presence came to me and then I changed it.  Eventually I may be expanding…♥♥♥

I am inspired by you all ~ I learn from you ~ and I am so very grateful for your presence in my life!

Share your story!

Shine On!


Daily Prompt: Goals

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?


Pawprints in my Heart


Many people will walk in and out of your life,
but only true friends leave footprints in your heart.

~Eleanor Roosevelt

We have returned home without our darling Chessie Cat.  My heart is breaking and I am so sad.  It was an honor for us to have held this sweet kitty soul in our lives for almost 17 years and it was a blessing to be there when she passed as well.  We wrapped her in the blanket that she has been sitting on for the past week on the couch, which happens to be my husband’s and we also wrapped her in my favorite nighttime sweater ~ snuggled in our love and our smells.

I couldn’t bear to bring home an empty cat carrier, even though she has one from MIL which has her name on it.  So we wrapped her in the blankies and just drove slowly.  I think she enjoyed being able to see out of the windows and feeling the sunshine on her face.  She was actively snuggling into my arms, but keeping her head up, watching the world go by and surely wondering if I had lost my mind since she was outside, riding in the car without being in her carrier.  She never uttered a peep, but leaned her head next to mine and made sure her face was to the warm sunshine.

I think she knew and being her brave, constant angelic self, she continued to hold our gazes.  I held her while she leaned toward my hubby every time he stopped petting her.  She wanted us to know that she was there with us ~ and we wanted her to know that we were there for her as well.

I am bereft now ~ saddened by losing my kitty angel, but I am snuggling our other kitty Tiffy as much as she’ll let me.  I wonder what she is thinking as her sissy is now not here.  I know she knew that Chessie was sick, but watching her today, I don’t see her mourning as much as me.  Perhaps it is easier in the animal world, they know that life goes on and she accepts that Chessie is now in kitty Heaven, feeling healthy and happy.

So perhaps that’s what I have to do as well ~ change my thoughts and my perspective.  Be grateful for the time we’ve enjoyed Chessie’s presence and now be grateful in knowing that she is healthy and happy in Heaven, continuing to watch over me in a different form.  I just have to get my mind around that she isn’t here to purr next to me, but that she’s here in spirit, purring me into health.

Thanks for sharing this time with me throughout the last few posts.  Our lives have peaks and valleys in which we travel ~ connecting with others, reading your comments, being grateful for the time you’ve taken to send a heartfelt comment, has helped me.  Please know how thankful I am for all of you.

Big Hugs ~ Shine On!