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How to Love the Super Bowl XLVIII


Being the only female (besides the cat) in the house on Super Bowl Sunday requires patience, perseverance, a stocked kitchen and perhaps a little ‘copa of pinot’ (read healthy glass of wine!) for you see, I’m not into the Super Bowl at all.  Sure, I’ll watch the half time show and I’m there for the commercials, but honestly, I couldn’t care less who wins.  In fact, if it weren’t for the news blasting the countdown for the last 7 days, I’d probably stay clueless as to who was playing!

But as a good Mommy/wife, I’ve got everyone’s favorite snacks at the ready having already taken orders.  I’ve got cute napkins with footballs on them that nobody will appreciate but me ~ but then, my hubby says it’s all about me all the time anyway!  *Big smile ~ that’s a slight exaggeration!

Of course, there is the pre-game line up which for the past 10 years, I’ve been watching (and been allowed to watch) which is the Puppy Bowl with the Kitty Halftime show that Hallmark puts on!  Ahh…now this is what I enjoy watching ~ cute furry animals romping around for a few minutes looking all snuggily and mischievous!   The 3 men in the house will kindly watch with me for a few minutes as they are fans of those playful furkids as well.  But then it’s back to doing whatever they want until the big game starts!

So why do I do these things?  Why do I not just go up to my bedroom and put on a chick flick that I’d rather watch?  Why do I put up with the yelling at the screen that may occur and the hopping up and down enthusiastically when there’s a goal or a foul?  Because it’s a family tradition.  We watch the Super Bowl in our home and that’s it.  I love my sons and hubby.  So I do what they want ~ with a happy heart ~ even when I’m not into it.

Of course, I can stray from the television on the excuse that I’ve got something in the oven.  That buys me a bit of peace as I fill up my glass and watch them from afar!  It’s a bonding experience for them as well.  They laugh, they make silly bets between themselves and all around, they just enjoy the game.  For me, it’s fun to watch them for our boys have grown and soon they’ll be on their way.  So it’s these little moments of family which keep me in the family room at game time and not swaddled in front of a movie that I can watch on my own time.

This is our time.  These are the precious moments that I can’t get back once they’re gone.  I’ve learned that teenagers only are teenagers for a few years before they fly the nest, off to college.  So this is why I’m in the midst of the ruckus at game time!  They will teach me when I blurt out something silly and girly and not quite right about the game.  Like, nice catch even though this is what I’m imagining ~ you know Valentine’s Day is coming up!44092651_They will laugh at my nonsensical football jargon and tease me for the rest of the week.  Now if they only knew that the silliness which I blurt out is just so that I can get a rise out of them!  It makes for great banter and I think they’ve now caught on that I only do it to make them laugh!  I am a really smart girl you know!

So if you’re in the same position as me, don’t fret and look at the day as if it was planned out like this ~ an unrecognizable tic tack toe board!  Giggle Giggle4541_Just get a few snacks, cuddle on the couch and watch the antics of your loved ones.  It’s worth it to know that they are safe, healthy and happy in your home!  After the Star Spangled Banner, when the ref says, “play ball!”  I’ll silently say, “Cheers” to all of you who are with me in spirit!

Shine On!


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Super Bowl Love in the Year of the Horse

14876_Ok, I’m sticking with the horse theme ~ on the eve of Chinese New Year ~ The Year of the Wood Horse ~ so bear with me please.  Because today I’m going to share the video that just makes me smile. I’m not into SuperBowl Sunday except for the snacks, the commercials and the family camaraderie as we gather in the family room to watch the big game.  Dare I say, I don’t care who wins?  Surely my family does, but not me.  I’m just there for the enthusiasm for the event!  There’s something about being home, cozy and warm, eating snacks for dinner, all of us together relaxing and enjoying the game and eachother’s company!   Thanks HAngel for sending it to me ~ puppies and horses ~ what’s not to love?!  What’s better besides our families?

I wish you LOVE in the coming year!

Shine On!


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