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Power Up ~ Let’s Write Your Success Story!

17171_Let’s Write a Success Story ~ YOURS!

This is your life.  There, I said it ~ whoops, I mean, I wrote it.  Not that you need me to tell you this, but sometimes I think we need to remind each other that we are in charge of our own lives.  It’s our decisions and our choices which have led us to this place called the Present. 

The success or failure of our life rests in our capable hands.

How’s that for a truth?

What do you think about that?  Are you happy with your Present?  Do you wish to change it?  Well, you can!  It’s simple.  Starting now, take baby steps to change what you don’t like and grow what you do like!

What?  You don’t know what you want?  You can’t think of what you need?  You don’t know how to get it?  Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed?

Ok, let’s start at the beginning my friends…Step One ~ take out a piece of paper and write down your ultimate fantasy life ~ no holds barred, without limits, what would it look like?  Include all that you would like to enjoy in your life ~ does that include a loving partner?  Children?  Pets?  Home?  Car?  Job?  More money?  Happiness?  More Love?  Peace?  Friends?  Family?  Joy?  More free time?

Just free-write and list what you want to see in your life.  When you’ve exhausted your mind and added all that was swirling around, put down your pen and take a deep breath.  Now reread what you’ve just written.  Do you see a trend?  Is there a theme of what you want in life?

Are there any bits that you can accomplish today?  Do you have any of them already?  Can you ‘see’ yourself having them today or tomorrow or by the end of 2013?

There’s no need to do any more today, unless of course, you remember something else you want to add to your list.  Perhaps you should keep it with you this week as you go about your daily routine.  You never know when you’ll be inspired to add something else to your life list!

Shine On!


After I wrote my post today and just before I hit publish, the Daily Prompt came out ~ You’ve got the power is one of my favorite lines and theme running through my life!  If I could enact a single law, it would simply be the law that

YOU HAVE THE POWER to live your life exactly how you want to live it provided that it brings love, happiness and harmony to yourself and others!

Daily Prompt: You’ve Got the Power

You have the power to enact a single law. What would it be?