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“STRENGTH does not come from winning.

Your struggles develop your strengths.

When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender,

THAT IS STRENGTH.” —Arnold Schwarzenegger

Although I’m not a huge fan of Arnold, I do like this quote because it’s true…to look at me, to know me, to love me, is to know that part of ‘my charm’ is that I am not a big fan of pain and I have been known to yelp with a paper cut!  I am also a fainter at the sight of a needle which you would think after all of the needles that I’ve seen through my 1/2 closed eyes with fingers splayed across my face, I would be over that fear by now, but nope…again part of my charm.  Which by the way, my darling husband would love it if I were less charming (ahem), but I can’t be anything but me, so charming it is ~ much to his chagrin!

But what I lack in muscular strength, I have in spiritual and it is what gets me through life.  I would never win a prize for athleticism or physical endurance (although I do think there should be a prize given to those of us who have endured more than our share of illness/surgeries and all around ick), but the middle of the nights, all alone spiritual challenges may leave me weakened, but never completely without endurance.

I have endurance…it’s a small seed of endurance filled with love, laughter and an amazing amount of support from my family, friends, loved ones and even strangers.  I have faith which has increased over time…and I am HOPE above all.  I just never surrender.

So if your strength is waning these days, I’ll lend you mine…because that’s what friends are for.

We are all connected…you may be the weak link in the chain at the moment,

but the chain of love will protect you.

Never surrender!

Love you lots!



Focus on your dreams and your dreams will comes into focus!

Recently I started thinking about my dreams as you know…and when I sat down to think about my goals and what I wanted for myself a year from now, 2 years from now and then 5 years from now, I had to stop for a moment because I honestly didn’t know.  Truth be told, I’ve just been so grateful to be able to wake up every morning to enjoy the day ahead, that I’d lost touch with my inner goals because for the last 10 years, breast cancer had been my goal…to endure it, to beat it and to then stay far, far away from it.  Occasionally during the past 10 years it’s reared its ugly head to give me a few scares, but nothing major, thank God and so I’ve just flowed along on the sea of life…content to just ‘be here.’

I don’t know if you’re having the same issues, but (thanks PAngel) I realized that I’d forgotten that I could make goals besides waking up tomorrow on this side of the Earth!  As a survivor, I think there comes a time where we have to re-evaluate our new normal, accept it and begin again with new goals and dreams.  Of course sometimes it’s easier said than done…but in my experience so far, it’s starting out as an amazing journey & rediscovery of me!

 So…a little challenge for the weekend…


What does your ideal life look like a year from now? 

Name 2 of your strengths,

Name 2 of your weaknesses,

FOCUS on 2 goals you’d like to accomplish this year.