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Griefwalker Part 2

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My Ponderings from Griefwalker:

 “The cradle of your love of life is the fact that it ends.”

Does death at your door turn your life around?

Accept is too neutral, you have to love it.  That’s really active.  You have to say yes to that. (talking about death)

If you have to get the news of your death from somebody else, how firmly in your life are you?

 Grief is a skill, and the twin of grief as a skill of life is the skill of being able to praise or to love life.

Were you able to spend 5 minutes watching the trailer of the movie?  Much of what left me speechless and thinking about death and life was included in it ~ although the movie brings you even more ponderings as I’ve named them above.  What did you think about the trailer and movie?

Often death is a difficult subject.  Difficult to bring up to loved ones and difficult to accept (and to love).  Have you thought about your own mortality and your own death?   Have you had any brushes with death ~ have you been given a 2nd chance at life?  Do you live differently now because of it?

I do not fear death.  I am much like the woman in the movie who feels she la la’s her way through to the end of her life.  She doesn’t want to know how long she has left because of her terminal cancer diagnosis.

What do you think?  How do you feel?

Shine On!



Grief walker Part 1


Stephen Jenkinson

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Often asked, the question of “Does death at your door turn your life around?” makes for a lively discussion.  It is a soul-searching question, one that I, myself, have given time, energy and thoughtfulness to in my lifetime. In yesterday’s post I introduced you to the trailer for the movie by Tim Wilson called Griefwalker.  Today I invite you to watch the movie and to discuss it here with us.

For me, there were so many takeaways in the movie that I jotted them down randomly in the fervent hope of remembering them.  I know that I will need to revisit the movie again to allow the understandings to seep into my bones a little deeper.  In the meantime, should you feel inclined, the movie is 1:10 long and can be found on Amazon prime for free if you have a membership.

I do not wish to color your views so I will leave my thoughts of the movie until tomorrow.  But I leave you with Heather’s words which I think are perfect:

“Stick with it…it’s hard and painful and challenging…and strangely insightful and moving and makes you question how much we actually ‘see.’  I think he has a deep knowledge and he made me feel at times angry…triggers that I have to face, but mostly he brought great pondering and peace.”

Shine On!


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The Gift of Death



I am moved beyond words.  I’ve had to let the experience settle into my bones and stay awhile.  I can’t remember the last time I was so changed by someone.  Words fail me and yet I yearn to speak, to share and to mesh with you.  But I don’t know if you are up for the experience.  I am changed.  I cannot go back and unlearn what has entered and tethered my soul, my brain and my very cells.  It is as if my heart, my soul have cracked wide open.  With the raindrops trickling outside, I hear the peace within my soul beckon to me.  Peace which has long-since been avoiding me, now settles into my solar plexus.  A wide open space of lovingness, of deep breaths which seem to be a necessity as I write to you.

Reacting so strongly to something so simple yet complex is nothing new for me, except that what I experience now is beyond my words.  I am grasping for what to say to you, for how to inexplicably explain what I’m feeling so that you understand.  I ache to reach out to hold your hand and to simply be with this new-found understanding.

I was given a gift by Heather and it is to her whom I give my gratitude.  An innocuous text came to my phone, a recommendation for an amazing film that I should watch.  So I did.

Below is the trailer for the film. 

Let me know what you think.

Shine On!