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Relax, it’s Monday!

35375_Normally we rev up for the work week ahead.  But today I think we should take different view.  Let’s relax into the week.  Attend to our obligations.  But also attend to our well-being, our souls and spirits.  Make a significant focus on improving your health ~ be kind and be loving to yourself this week more than usual.  Take a few extra minutes to relax, allow your brain to wander, look up at the sky and look around at the glorious gifts of nature which surround you daily.

Why wait until the weekend to relax?

You have today, now.  Enjoy it.

Love yourself.  Put your arms around yourself and hug away!  You are loved.  You are love.

Happy week ahead!

Shine On!


Monday’s Wish

36308_Love Joy Peace

The beginning of the week ~ the start of stress, to do lists to check off and the belief that we have so much to do!  I feel the same way.  So today I wish us all Love Joy and Peace.  May you take a moment to just breathe, to enjoy a few peaceful thoughts and to know that you are being sent Love Joy and Peace.  Be embraced by the knowledge that you are loved.  Embrace the love that surrounds you.  Bring joy to everything you do and in turn, remember that joy is attracted to you.  Feel the peace within your soul and with every step today, emanate your peace, shine it on all with whom you come into contact.

Be Love.

Be Joyful.

Be Peaceful

Shine On!