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A Magical Morning


I experienced a magical morning which I have to share with you.  Above is a photo of the sky this morning, full of sunshine with a blessing of blue (and an angelic orb in the top right corner?).  The sun is actually behind the sand photo (please notice that I made the photo into a sun shape) and the leis and Jersey Girl plaque are gifts.

I don’t know where to begin except I guess at the beginning, but my words may fall all over the page as I try to keep up with the whirring in my brain.  What could have me so excited, you may ask?  Well, two blogging souls met this morning at the beach for the first time and bonded.  Two complete strangers walked in the sunshine, excitedly blending hearts quickly and easily with much trust, presence and Blessitudes.  I am grateful to be one of them.  Just check out Lorrie’s post about our meeting ~ I love how we intertwine our friendship and our morning so easily Shine On Meets Blessitude ~ WOW!

Do you believe in magic?  Have you ever experienced the instantaneous bonding with a person quickly, easily and dare I say, magically?  As Lorrie and I walked the boardwalk this morning, having met in person for the first time (it is a first for each of us to meet another blogger in person), we bonded.  Granted, we have been following each other’s blogs for awhile, so we had a special friendship already blossoming, but this morning, it was as if magically we connected angelically.

As we were walking, excitedly chatting away like old friends, we came upon the 2 leis in the photo, right next to each other, in our path.  As I bent to pick them up, I handed the blue one to Lorrie.  We smilingly accepted the Divine gift with much enthusiasm.  We didn’t even question why they would be there for us or why nobody else had picked them up already.  We just knew they were for us.  After all, a lei is a welcome celebration of affection of one person’s affection to another.  How wonderful that the Universe knew we would find them to be so special!

Have you ever had the opportunity to meet another blogger in person?  Have you bonded with other bloggers and wished to meet?  Our amazing virtual community of bloggers is such a blessing to me in my life.  I am forever grateful to each and every one of you for connecting with me.  I hope that you experience the instant bonding when you get to meet others with whom you’ve enjoyed an affectionate connection through blogging.  It is truly magical.

Shine On!



P.S.  I’ve written about magic before in case you’re interested…Do You Believe in Magic?



The Power in Patting Your Heart


I want you to sit quietly for a moment.  Close your eyes.  Lay your hand, palm down on your heart.  Breathe for a moment, quietly sinking into a feeling of peace.  Then I want you to gently ‘pat your heart twice’ for me.

Feel the magic in connecting with your heart and soul.

Just like in yesterday’s post about I Remember You, when you pat your heart to someone else, you expand that soul to soul connection for which there are no words except to say, “you are in my heart.”  It’s powerful my friends.  It’s even essential, dare I say it.

So once again, I connect my heart with yours and I pat my heart twice in gratitude for our loving connections and for the beautiful way in which our souls rejoice in meeting!  You are loved.  You are in my heart.  I remember you.

Shine On!


Below is a song I want you to sing to yourself today…

Welcome Home


I had the most amazing treat last night.  In fact, I still get teary when I remember what happened.  The reason I’m posting this is because I think it happens more often in families than we admit.  Awhile back, I shared that we’d lost touch with part of our family here and then I told you the follow up which was my ‘older sister cousin’ responded to my sympathy card on the passing of her Mom who was a favorite childhood Aunt here.  But I never heard back from my ‘older brother cousin’ at that point.

And then he called.

We finally met face to face last night.  My sister Sissy, our beloved cousin (Cuz) and I shared almost 5 hours together.  We talked non-stop, with brief moments of quiet which were sprinkled with a few tears and much regret at having allowed 13 years to have passed us by without any communication between us.

I met him at the boat from NYC which he had taken to see us.  Upon seeing him, I ran into his arms and we hugged ~ all the past baggage dropped away and we were just in the moment together.  Connected by our childhood friendship/relationship, my heart swelled in gratitude for this reunion.  It was so long in coming.

I took him to a scenic point where we visited a historic monument, my nod to his father (my Uncle) and my Dad who would have first thing, stopped at the same place for both loved history.  As we walked the grounds, we chatted about our parents and various memories we had of each of our dads.  I wanted us to have a common ground to start our reunion.  And I wanted those above in Heaven to know that we still remember them, we still hold those cherished, happy moments in our hearts.

We went to Sissy’s house, he was able to meet her children, her hubby (mine weren’t able to come) and then the three of us set out to dinner.  Several times, I was reminded of how blessed we are to be able to drop the baggage and just be in the moment.  We laughed, we cried, we reminisced.  We regaled each other with stories, tried to catch up on 13 years in the window of 5 hours.

Above all, we reconnected.  We secured the bonds of family again.  We were given the opportunity to tell each other how much we cared, how much we loved and how much each of us meant to the other.

Priceless.  Magical.  Special.

My heart swells with gratitude for the time we shared.  I believe that it’s in these special, present moments that we gain the gift of understanding ~ that when all of this ‘stuff’ in life is gone, we are just souls who connect, who love and who appreciate the gifts given and received.

Thanks for reading today.

Shine On!


P.S. Yes, the above card is what I’m sending to him today!  Isn’t it perfect?  ♥