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Grief walker Part 1


Stephen Jenkinson

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Often asked, the question of “Does death at your door turn your life around?” makes for a lively discussion.  It is a soul-searching question, one that I, myself, have given time, energy and thoughtfulness to in my lifetime. In yesterday’s post I introduced you to the trailer for the movie by Tim Wilson called Griefwalker.  Today I invite you to watch the movie and to discuss it here with us.

For me, there were so many takeaways in the movie that I jotted them down randomly in the fervent hope of remembering them.  I know that I will need to revisit the movie again to allow the understandings to seep into my bones a little deeper.  In the meantime, should you feel inclined, the movie is 1:10 long and can be found on Amazon prime for free if you have a membership.

I do not wish to color your views so I will leave my thoughts of the movie until tomorrow.  But I leave you with Heather’s words which I think are perfect:

“Stick with it…it’s hard and painful and challenging…and strangely insightful and moving and makes you question how much we actually ‘see.’  I think he has a deep knowledge and he made me feel at times angry…triggers that I have to face, but mostly he brought great pondering and peace.”

Shine On!


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