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Here Comes the Sun


It’s the week before school begins in the Northeast and summer is winding down.  I can’t believe how quickly the summer has flown by here.  Doesn’t it seem as if time goes by more quickly every year?

I remember that my parents and elder relatives used to say that and I never knew what it really meant.  Gone are the long lazy dog days of childhood summers.  I remember them well.  Don’t you?

My childhood days were spent on the beach, playing in the ocean waves, picking up sea glass on the sand, and swimming in the pool!  Surrounded by friends, eating PB&J sandwiches sometimes crusted with bits of beach sand.  We didn’t care!  Then going home for dinner, after a long day at the beach, smelling like suntan lotion, chlorine from the pool with bits of salt from the ocean dried on our skin!  A bath and then happily to bed, excited to do it all over again the next day!

Innately for me, every dawn brings promise.  As a child, I wasn’t an early riser and I loved to sleep in, especially on the weekends when I could.  But as an adult, I adore mornings with a cup of coffee and a fresh slate on which to write my day!  I look forward to whatever miracles are coming my way today!

Granted, not always is every day strewn with sparkly goodness.  I know that for sure.  But even when darkness seems to fall on a day, there are still some bright sun spots when we look at the glass as 1/2 full – or with gratitude for even the glass that can be filled!

Greet the morning with a hopeful smile.  No matter what’s on your work agenda, no matter what troubles are plaguing you.  Be grateful you are here today to feel the sunshine on your face as you go about your day.  Send out the intentions for goodness to come to you, through you, for you and in turn, you send out goodness to all with whom you interact today.

Smile.  You are here.  You matter.  You make a difference!

You are loved!

Shine On!




Beautiful You!

dahlIf you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely. ~ Roald Dahl

To me, you all look lovely and you shine like the brightest stars in the sky!  So please, smile at those around you today.  Fill up the world with your peaceful beauty and good hearts!  And, as always…

Shine On!



See the World With Loving Eyes


He can call me a flower if he wants to!

This morning inspired by the first of Spring and by Tommia’s Tablet  I went in search of one of my favorite scenes in Bambi.  Do you recall this one?  If not, the scene is below and takes under a minute to guarantee you a smile this lovely morning.  It’s one of my favorites because I just adore Thumper and his giggly antics.  I also love the interplay between all 3 characters and how darling Bambi calls a skunk Pretty Flower…

Pretty Flower ~ how special to see others with a loving eye, don’t you think ~ to disregard labels and to just see them for who they are?  Of course, we know he’s a skunk, but the connotation of a stinky skunk is not relevant when we ‘see’ a pretty flower.

Imagine seeing everyone with loving eyes today.  It’s the first day of Spring! 

You can call everyone flower today!

Shine On!