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Happy Birthday Sissy!

Sister Every year that passes, I learn so much from you.

You are a great inspiration in my life, and I wish you the happiest of Birthdays.

Today is my only sister’s birthday…Happy Birthday AAngel!

I want to dedicate today’s post to AAngel as without her birth, I would have been a very lonely only child.  My sissy has brought me plenty of love, laughter and camaraderie as only sisters can share.  We’ve had our moments where we weren’t as close and we’ve had a few when we didn’t agree.  But for the most part, we’ve been close and we know that we can count on the other when the chips are down.  And for that, I am truly grateful.

I remember when my sister was born as I am three years older than she is.  My parents bought me a baby doll to love so that I would have a baby like my Mom.  However, as soon as AAngel arrived at the house, I put that fake baby doll aside and held the live baby my Mom brought home and called her my own…and it’s been that way ever since.  Much to my sister’s chagrin, I’ve been her second Mom her whole life.  I can’t help it…she came into my life and I just wanted to be her Mom…I wanted to protect her, to love her and to take care of her.  And for much of her life, that’s the way it was…but then something special happened…the tables turned.  She became the caretaker of me.  She began being my Mom and mothering me when I needed it.  There have been so many times she has taken care of me in a Mom-like way ~ times when she’s called and I’ve burst into tears for one reason or another and she’s listened with love as only a sister can.  I hope she feels the same as I do ~ that I am so grateful for her…her love, honesty, sisterhood ~ that I’m so proud of her…she’s a great Mom to 3 boys, is successful in whatever she puts her mind to whether it be PTA President or working part-time as a successful sales rep, gives of her time and heart to those who need a little extra care and is always ready to help whenever I need her.  I enjoy her company ~ she’s great fun and always brings light wherever she goes.  She is beautiful both inside and out ~ truly, she is beautiful.  AAngel is the only person who understands our family dynamic as she’s been there with me throughout our lifetimes and it’s her strength, determination and wisdom on which I rely ~ which I hope she can say the same about me.

I have the privilege today to be able to enjoy a birthday lunch with her and our Mom which I think is special.  We’re lucky that we live within an hour’s drive of each other so that we can see each other during the holidays and whenever we want!

So, this post is for you AAngel…

May All of Your Birthday Wishes come true this year!  You deserve it!

Much love and appreciation to you! xoxo

Below is a bunch of cards that came up when I typed in SISTER in my SendOutCards account…there are even cards in French and Spanish to send as well…SOC (SendOutCards) makes it easy for me to choose a card, write my heartfelt message to my sister, even put pictures and a video in the card!  I can send her a real gift, a giftcard, even Mrs. Field’s cookies!  Once I press SEND, her card is printed, stuffed into an envelope, addressed, sealed, stamped and mailed for me within 24 hours (or I can schedule it for delivery up to a year in advance)…but the best part?  Her card cost less than $1 and yet it’s in my own handwriting!  How amazing is that?

I included a few of the cards I found under SISTER ~ there are even Step-sister cards as well!

Do you have special birthday coming up?  Need a card?  Want to try it?  Let me know!

Gratitude Day 9 ~ Being Thankful is So Easy!


Coach # 126830

Today’s gratitude card is above which I made especially for this occasion.  Although I’m not sharing what I wrote inside today to one of my parents’ friends who helped us immensely yesterday as my Dad is in the hospital.  DAngel stayed and visited with my parents, helping to sort out all of the complications of my Dad’s illness.  I am unfortunately not allowed to visit nor be in the hospital due to my own recent surgery and complications so it’s been very hard to help by phone.  My sister AAngel has been our ROCK and has taken over helping my parents daily, but she’s got her job as well as her own busy family ~ I am amazed at her ability to juggle so many hats in such a caring and loving way.  My heart goes out to her as she’s taken over the care taking of everyone while still taking care of her own responsibilities, family and life. xo

Our family appreciated DAngel and his wife LAngel just stepping in and helping my Mom when the doctor came around as more ears hear better ~ especially when you are hearing information that may sound foreign to you (medical speak you know!)  So that’s why I am sending this card to them.

I also thought I’d take the opportunity to share a bit more about the Gratitude Challenge by posting a website and a bit more information on the how to do it yourself.

If you click on the link above, you will see more information on the challenge that I’m participating in which is bringing me so much joy!  Although I didn’t create this website, you can easily put my Coach # 126830 in and send a card or 2 for free so that you can get the gist of what it’s all about!  Isn’t there someone that you’d like to thank?  Someone who went the extra mile to make your day brighter?   It’s all about karma, the law of attraction and giving ~ sending out love just brings more joy to your life!  I guarantee it…it’s changing mine so quickly!  The more grateful I am, the more I have to be grateful for it seems…and I am loving the changes in my life!

I find that sending cards brings so much joy to my life in so many ways.  It’s been over a week of gratitude already and I am finding that everyday brings more reasons to be thankful to more people who are showing kindness to me in my life.  It’s the little things, the big things and even the mundane that bring me so much joy!

Don’t let today go by without telling the special people in your life how you feel…

We aren’t guaranteed anything except this present moment…

Enjoy The Presents of Presence…on FB!