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May You Be Blessed…


Good morning!  I intended on sharing a different post today, but when I clicked on the following video and took the 4 minutes to watch it, I immediately felt my shoulders relax, I felt a peaceful calm envelope me and I knew that this needed to be included in your day as well.  It amazes me that on first glance, my thoughts were that I didn’t have 4 minutes to watch some video ~ and as I settled in to watch, I amazed myself in thinking that silly notion.  Was 4 minutes really such a big time committment?

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not ~ please, you will love the video ~ just do it!  Then let me know if it was worth your 4 minutes.

Be Blessed.

Shine On!


P.S.  Thanks to Simple Truths for such a great morning starter!


Here’s another one in case you have a few more minutes!  Thanks Deanna!


What’s Most Important in Your Life?


Life Always Offers You A Second Chance…it’s called Tomorrow!

I got this in my email this morning and figured it was a great Sunday morning post!  So please, take a moment and enjoy a little thought changing video compliments of Simple Truths!  Just 3 minutes long, but well worth the lesson!

Click Here to Enjoy!

Shine On!


The Dash


The Dash

I received an email yesterday from Simple Truths which included a link to the video and book above which I just had to share with you today!  It truly makes you think ~ so sit back and let 2 minutes of inspiration soak into your mind, your heart and your life.  You are worth it!

The Dash, the inspirational poem by Linda Ellis – captures not the date you were born, or the date you die – but the importance of The Dash between those years. It’s what you do with your Dash to make a difference with your life. Linda’s beautiful poem, along with nine chapters that reinforce its verses are included in Simple Truths’ book, The Dash, by Linda Ellis and Mac Anderson. The Dash has touched hearts and changed lives around the world, including the 30 million who have watched Simple Truth’s inspirational movie. “What matters is how we live and love and how we spend our dash.”  Simple Truths provides customers with inspirational and motivational gift books and movies.

Click on  The Dash 2 minute movie!  to watch!

Make Your Dash Shine On!