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Uniting October in Pink and Blue


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As The Presents of Presence, I like to bring you hope, help and healing.  For the most part, I share my Breast Cancer experiences in hopes that they can help you to heal while you are enduring breast cancer, but many times, the lessons I’ve learned may help others who are enduring other illnesses, other cancers, other traumas and tragedies.  Those sadnesses and grief hold the same importance in my life’s purpose to help whomever I can and however I can.  It is in showing compassion for what another person is enduring that helps us all to heal.  It is by connecting through our hearts, our words and our beings that we can allow the sadness to heal.

As many bloggers have shared, we all have a story.  Many of us carry sadness within our lives.  There is no one who has lived who has not endured something so profoundly life changing that we cannot open our hearts to embrace the pain of another person.  I believe that in that special moment of sharing, we connect and begin the healing process.  Perhaps I am naive to believe that in connecting with you and with others that we forge a bond of healing.  I don’t know.  I am just a blogger who wants to Send Out Love.

CarlyMarie is on Facebook and is someone with whom I’ve never spoken to at all.  But it was in a post by her this morning that this blog post was born.  Because you see, Breast Cancer and Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month have many connections, one being the month of October.  We share this month which highlights awareness for both of us affected by these life changing moments.

I must admit, I never knew that there was a month designated for these precious babies and their families.  Long ago, I began following CarlyMarie on Facebook because of her unique story which beckons me.  It is in sharing her sadness that she has been able to heal herself and others and still continue to light the way for healing while keeping the sweet memory of her son Christian alive.  It is in finding the light in the sadness that she connects with me.  Because it’s what I try to do myself.

So please, take a moment to experience her light ~ stop by her FB page, click above to see how she’s helping to heal others with whom she’s connected.  I hope that you will send out love to her loving community as well.

There may be other ’causes’ that use October as their month as well.  If you know of another, please let me know.

UPDATE:  Colon Cancer shares the month of October as well and Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

Shine On!