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Lift Your Face to the Sunshine


“Don’t confuse your path with your destination.
Just because it is stormy now doesn’t mean that
you aren’t headed for sunshine.” – Unknown

Last week we spoke of shooting stars and of the dawn and so today let’s begin with storms and sunshine.  You know I post for you and as a reminder to myself as well.  It just seems that many times what I connect with and want to share, somehow benefits someone else as well.  I think that’s why I blog…is that your purpose as well?

Being on this path in life isn’t always easy.  There are rocky roads of which I’ve traveled quite a few.  I won’t lie.  It hasn’t been an easy life for me and it’s not easy now.  But I still wake up every morning hoping for a bright new day.  Sure there have been storms.  I just keep waiting for the rainbow to appear after the storm.  One of these days, the rainbows will come back into my life.  I have to believe that in my heart, for I always believe in love.

Shine On!