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Receiving and Giving Gratitude in 10 Minutes


There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude -a quiet joy.

-Ralph H. Blum

Thanksgiving is on its way and I want to share a little something I do that gives me great joy.  I have been taking a few minutes to send a card of gratitude to those precious people in my life for whom I am grateful.  Just a little note which says ‘I am thinking of you’ or ‘thank you for being you’ and sending it off with the touch of the SEND button.

I don’t leave my comfy home nor get out of my pjs to do it.  I simply log onto my computer, go to my site, pick a card or make one with my own photos or elements provided, write my message, click send and voila ~ I send real paper cards through the mail ~ I’ve even sent some delicious brownies and cookies among other fun finds.

The best part is that the cards cost me $.49 for a stamp which is normal and $0.62 for the card.  So for a total of $1.11, I am using my words to spread gratitude!  And yes, it’s that easy. ♥

I know I sound like a commercial, but truly, I adore what I do.  It makes me happy and it delivers happiness when I hear that a friend has received my unexpected card in the mail and is touched by the gesture.  Who doesn’t like to find a treasure in the pile of junk mail and bills?  To just know that someone is thinking of you is such a priceless gift.  I, myself, have been the recipient of many unexpected cards in my life and I can attest to the power of kindness and the amazing accuracy of a well-timed card in helping to raise spirits when you are feeling down.  And even when I wasn’t feeling down, just knowing that someone thought of me enough to write me a note and send it is priceless.

It simply raises up our loving vibrations  ~ for both the giver and the receiver!

In gratitude for your loving energy and support, please feel free to enjoy a card on me.  Just click here!

Shine On!


Feeling like a wet noodle


I feel yucky, like a piece of overcooked fettuccine noodle (hence the photo above).  Usually I feel frisky and al dente, but since I’ve been down with a migraine, I’m limp and mushy.  So forgive me for not reading posts nor writing better than this ~ I just wanted to reach out to send some love to you on a Friday!

Shine On!


Boomerang Abundantly


Imagine…we all hold boomerangs of love. 


Imagine…we throw them.

 I love the boomerang concept in love and life. 

What you give out, touches the world around you and returns to you.  

Shine On!



You Could Not Fail


“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

– Robert H. Schuller

My mom watched Robert Schuller and his Hour of Power at the Crystal Cathedral when we were little. In fact, I visited his place in California many years ago as I had longed to see that Crystal Cathedral on a clear blue sky day ~ and I was blessed to be able to do it!  ‘God Loves You and So Do I’ is a phrase I remember hearing from him and I always found such comfort in it.  As far as tv evangelists go, I always felt like he was one who just loved everyone and thought that by love, things could me made better.  At least that’s how I viewed him as a child.  And I must say that when I was a child and even now as an adult, I liked that in an adult figure ~ kindness, gentleness and giving of loving support.  It’s what I try to emulated myself as far as my children go.  There will be plenty of others whom they may encounter who won’t be that way, but here, at home, it’s how we behave.

I’ve found that there’s no need to spank or be violent here even though I was raised in a spanking house.  Sure, voices are raised occasionally here, but they’ve never known the sadness, the hurt, the humiliation nor the emotional and otherwise scarring of violence.  There’s never even been a grounding as such.  Sure, there have been time outs (for them as well as for me!) and there have been privileges removed for a day or two when needed.

But we’ve relied on encouragement, praise and love here.  They’ve known the encouraging “You can do it!  Just try and try again!  We believe in you!” theory of parenting which otherwise was sometimes lacking in my childhood.  I’m not complaining nor am I asking for sympathy.  I’m just saying the truth.

So imagine if you were given that gift of “You could not fail!” in your life!  Imagine the wondrous, remarkable deeds you could accomplish ~ the inspirational successes that would be yours to share with the world ~ the imaginings that you would create to better the world at large!  The skies and beyond would be limitless!

So today, I want you to feel that supportive and loving embrace and to know that I believe in you.  I”m your biggest fan.  I believe you can do anything!  You can accomplish everything!  So let’s go out and do it!  Come on, hold my hand…I’ve got you!  Now live your life the way you want!  You are loved.  You are successful.  You are important.  You are blessed!

Shine On!


Laugh, Love and Be Grateful


Laugh, Love and Be Grateful

Lately I find that perhaps because it’s November and the start of the holiday season that I stop periodically throughout the day to just breathe for a moment and to be grateful.  Do you ever take a moment to simply breathe and count your blessings?  It’s not exactly a meditation for you may remember how I fared with Deepak and Oprah awhile back.  Click here!  A full-sitdown meditation session even if it’s only for 20 minutes is still too much for me to handle.  But these itty bitty snapshots of gratitude have been lifesavers lately.  I feel a bit more grounded.  I feel a release of stress and I feel a relaxation and almost like I”m dropping my troubles at the door again. Remember the Trouble Tree?  Click here!

Every morning my son and I walk to his bus.  It’s early and the world is quiet ~ such a magical time for us both!  It’s our together time, before the hustle and bustle of our days begin and I treasure it with all of my heart.  We look up at the sky, notice nature and enjoy each other’s company for a few precious minutes each morning.  Even bundled up against the wind, the rain and the cold weather, I wouldn’t change a thing because as we walk, we talk, we notice the sky, the leaves, the trees and all the bounties that Mother Nature provides.  Sometimes I am even gifted with linking arms with him as we walk (especially when it’s cold out and oh, how I love the cold or the rain for just that reason!).  I sip my coffee as we wait and chat.  Some mornings we share a laugh, sometimes we are simply quiet.  But I always feel we are surrounded by love.  He’s a teenager, but such a loving, typical teenage boy ~ I love his spirit, his kindness and he’s growing up to be a good man.  He’s not a Mama’s boy ~ far from it ~ but he’s a caring, kind and good person who keeps his teenager-ness with all its bells and whistles intact.  But it’s in these mornings, that I see the man he is growing to be and I”m proud to say he’s my son.  And as I walk back down the silent street after the bus has come to take him to school, I notice all the graciousness in my life.  I give thanks for the gifts of the day, I send up my silent please for whatever I may need and I imagine that red carpet ahead, leading me and my family on the path of our highest good.  I bless the world we have made and I look joyfully towards my day.

`Tis the season to be grateful, to appreciate and to expand the blessings that we have been given.  Look around.  Who needs a smile from you?  Who needs a hug?  Who needs a few extra moments in your day?  You have plenty of all ~ why not share?  You know that what you focus on expands, what you give out you receive one hundred fold back in return and what you give out you get!

Since we know all of those little ditties (and surely there are more so please comment with them) then why don’t we make it a daily practice?  Just take a few moments everyday to stop, to be breathe, to be grateful, to count our blessings and to smile.  Imagine how much sweeter the world would be if we could all do this everyday?!

Want to join me? 

Shine On!


Hope Needed

73868995_Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible. ~ Helen Keller

I love this quote from Helen Keller and I just felt like sharing it with you on this stormy Monday morning.  Well, the storm has yet to officially start, but it’s looming.  Dark clouds are swirling in the sky, my migraine along with the ugly nausea that sometimes accompanies it has settled inside of me.  So I just know it’s going to be a doozy of a day considering that I was up half of the night unable to sleep with my monkey brain swirling with all sorts of ideas, conversations etc.  Does this happen to you?  It’s like when I meditate and I am waiting for Deepak to finish minding the time and ring the bell!  Click here!

But I digress….Hope.  It’s that intangible concept, similar to faith.  It’s in that quiet of the mind that comes when your monkey brain has been muzzled.  Do you know what I mean?  Have you seen it?  Experienced it?  Can you find my HOPE?  Have you found your own?

So today I thought that if we all pulled together and connected, that we could use our communal powers of humanity and make a difference.  We could spread HOPE ~ one baby step at a time!  So are you with me?

Please take a moment and as my gravatar says,


when you finish reading my post.

Perhaps like a ripple on the water, HOPE will spread it’s wings far and wide to all those on the planet who need a bit of hope.  Show me how far our HOPE reaches by just commenting on where you are today on this big, beautiful, hope-filled planet!

I’ll start ~ I’m a Jersey Gal, as in New Jersey, USA.  What about you?

Shine On!



6248602_Today’s Daily Prompt asks ‘when you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone?  What does it take for you to ask for help?’ which I found to be an interesting subject so I thought I’d use it for my post today.

I’ve been unwell ~ breast cancer ~ diagnosed at the end of 2001 which means I’ve been dealing with the fallout of the disease for almost 12 years.  Certainly it doesn’t seem that long, but at times, it feels like forever.  I’ve been unwell to all different degrees with the pink beast ~ my body has endured more than her share of surgeries, with one still on the horizon and more medicines have been pumped into her with all different side effects as a result.  Believe me, I’ve had my share.  There have been days where I couldn’t get out of bed due to intense pains, but I soldiered on with help so that I could be a part of my family for a little while each day.  I’ve tried to be an inspiration to my family and others, although I’m not afraid of asking for help when needed.  Being a Mom/Wife with an active family but being under the weather, I needed and accepted all of the help that was given so kindly to me.

But today as it so happens that I”m battling a cold/allergies ~ not quite sure which, but it’s something I’ve been battling now since Friday and not getting any better.  My boys are older now so they can help around the house which is great news for me.  Will I ask for help from others outside our immediate family?  No.  But will I accept help?  Yes.  In fact, during the torrential storms of yesterday, my neighbor stopped by and asked if I needed anything as she was going to the store.  I took the opportunity to ask for a gallon of milk which she bought for me and delivered so kindly during a crazy storm which flooded our neighborhood.  I am blessed.

Do you accept help or do you soldier on?  I find that people often want to help, but don’t know how or what to offer.  For me, it was easy ~ feed me and my family!  So the next time you hear of a friend who needs a helping hand, take that special opportunity to connect with them ~ offer to make dinner or go to the grocery store.  Perhaps you take her/him out to lunch or drive them somewhere ~ even helping with rides for the children helps when you’re battling an illness.

It’s when we send out love that we receive even more than we send out!  Take a moment today to see who you can help ~ you can make a difference for even the smallest of kindnesses sometimes mean the most!

Shine On!


When I thought of SOS, I thought of this song…perhaps you’re in the mood for a little Abba?

Daily Prompt: Take Care


When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?


Carpe Diem!

10180737_ 10180746_

Ewe…are my favorite!

To me, it’s the little things in life which make me giggle, which tug at the sides of my mouth, pulling them into a smile.  This card above made me giggle this morning, on a day which is dreary, chilly and cold outside.  Mother Nature seems to be acting a bit tipsy lately.  One day the temps are in the low 80’s and a week later, we’re waking up to temps in the 40’s.

But I write today to remind you that it’s important to tell those you care about, that you do care about them!  It’s easy for us to get involved in the hustle and bustle of the day and to brush aside the moments that we can connect with our loved ones and tell them how much they mean to us.

It’s in seizing the moment ~ carpe diem ~ that we gain power and we give power ~ the power of love!

As you can imagine, my family hears it from me often ~ I show and tell them how much they mean to me, how much I love them, often!  So please, take a moment today to reach out in love ~ with a hug, squeeze a hand, give a kiss, smile, leave a note, send a letter, whisper a sweet message, bake a cake or make a call!  It’s never too late to send out love!

Remember EWE are my favorites! ♥

Big hugs to you!

Shine On!


Make This World A Better Place


April is National Card and Letter Writing Month!

I’ve been asked many times what I do for a living and always it’s hard for me to describe.  I’m a mom, wife, daughter, care-giver, sister, cat mommy, former teacher, breast cancer survivor and blogger.  I’ve taken over closing out my Dad’s business and his estate, taken over his responsibilities with my Mom because she’s not able to handle the house etc., I’m still dealing with my own health issues and oh yes, I have my own business which I love and enjoy!

I help people worldwide to connect with others and to send out love.

Plain and simple.  I believe that time is short here on Earth.  Reaching out via a heartfelt card is priceless.  Add your own pictures, perhaps even a video, make it simple, inexpensive and fun and voila, you’ve got yourself a guaranteed way to make this world a better place.

It’s a building business tool.  It’s an artistic medium ~ putting your photos on canvas, on postcards, on metal.  It’s a whole photo store which you control for a price that can’t be beat.

It’s simple ~ children can do it, grandparents can do it, even the most technology-lacking people can enjoy it ~ and the techies ~ well, they’ll have a ball with it!

It’s bringing people closer ~ it’s never forgetting a birthday or an anniversary.  It’s reaching out to a friend when they live far away.  It’s sending a thank you note the easiest way possible and enjoyable!  It’s moving with the times like Amazon, Netflix and online banking.  It’s building your business one personalized note at a time, but making it easier than you can imagine!

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,

people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

Click here to try it for free today!

Shine On!