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Smile Everyday


“I was smiling yesterday.

I am smiling today

and I will smile tomorrow.

Simply because

life is too short to cry for anything.”

– Santosh Kalwar

I just love this quote.  I try to smile everyday even when I have to find something to smile about for things are too muddled to easily smile.  That’s when my family and pets become my reason to smile.  That’s when I count the blessings in life that I find gratitude for ~ you know, the big ones and even the small ones that we sometimes miss?  I become even more aware of them than usual when I need to put a smile on my face.  It’s when I walk out into nature to smile at what surrounds me ~ birds in the yard, a sunrise, and even snowflakes ~ that I feel the embrace of Mother Nature smiling on me.

It’s not that I don’t cry because I do cry sometimes.  I find that my tear ducts need clearing out every once in awhile and it’s good to allow grief to pour out and cleanse my soul.  So I can find my smile again and recharge.

Do you smile everyday?

What makes you smile?

Smile On!

Shine On!