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Loving Embrace Needed

respect“Respect yourself enough to walk away
from anything that no longer serves you,
grows you, or makes you happy.”
-Robert Tew

The above quote came to me as many of them do, in the right time.  Have you found that quotes, people and events come to you when you feel you are at a crossroads and don’t know which way to turn at times?  What examples can you share with us?  Please feel free below in the comments!

I’m at a crossroads in my life.  It is not easy to know which path to choose although I know what path has been chosen for me and I don’t like it.  But then growth happens when we emerge out of our comfort zones and I know in my head that this freedom is a gift, but it is a gift I’d like to return so that I may stay in the comfort of my cocoon where I know how to live.  But it is time for rebirth much to my chagrin at the moment and I am finding it difficult to say the least.  It’s why I haven’t been blogging as much lately for I am lofty in my thoughts, but my essence is suffering.  It is easier to speak/write in higher vibrations than it is to live daily this way when I am feeling lowly.  But I have lived through painful experiences before and I will live through this now as well.  It’s what I know I can do.  I know I have the innate ability to survive even though my heart is breaking.  I will get through this chapter in my life as well, perhaps not unscathed, but with the growth that comes from this experience in my life.  I long to see a crystal ball at times to have some chance at seeing the good that will come from this, but you and I both know that crystal balls don’t exist and that even if I could see, I may fall apart at the result.  So I just keep plugging away, day by day, doing the best I can at the moment.  Many times, it’s a moment to moment readjustment of how I strong I feel and how positive, for creating a new life can be daunting ~ even when I know it is a clean, new page in my life’s book.

We all struggle at times to do the right thing for ourselves and for our loved ones.  At times, we must look plainly at our lives to check in with how we are treated and how we are treating others.  It is in this honest evaluation that we can see with the clearest of eyes and hearts what is going on.  We must protect ourselves at times and hold dearly our self respect and release what doesn’t serve us.

I ask you to remember me for my heart has been breaking for awhile now and I have been trying to keep going, but I am losing a bit of ground lately.  Being compassionate, respectful and kind with others has worn my heart thin and I am grieving.  Perhaps it is just a low point today and we all have them.  I have always been grateful for how supportive you all are to me and I am asking for your loving kindness and understanding.  My future is not sure these days and I need to make my own way in this world again.  I know that someday I will be grateful for the growth that this unexpected experience brings, but for now, I ask for your loving embrace.

Shine On!


P.S.  I posted this and then poof, Lorrie’s post appeared If Only…I Would!  I’m ever grateful that our loving heartstrings connect so quickly!  Make sure you stop by to get your loving embrace from her ~ and here’s mine. ♥♥♥