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You Could Not Fail


“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

– Robert H. Schuller

My mom watched Robert Schuller and his Hour of Power at the Crystal Cathedral when we were little. In fact, I visited his place in California many years ago as I had longed to see that Crystal Cathedral on a clear blue sky day ~ and I was blessed to be able to do it!  ‘God Loves You and So Do I’ is a phrase I remember hearing from him and I always found such comfort in it.  As far as tv evangelists go, I always felt like he was one who just loved everyone and thought that by love, things could me made better.  At least that’s how I viewed him as a child.  And I must say that when I was a child and even now as an adult, I liked that in an adult figure ~ kindness, gentleness and giving of loving support.  It’s what I try to emulated myself as far as my children go.  There will be plenty of others whom they may encounter who won’t be that way, but here, at home, it’s how we behave.

I’ve found that there’s no need to spank or be violent here even though I was raised in a spanking house.  Sure, voices are raised occasionally here, but they’ve never known the sadness, the hurt, the humiliation nor the emotional and otherwise scarring of violence.  There’s never even been a grounding as such.  Sure, there have been time outs (for them as well as for me!) and there have been privileges removed for a day or two when needed.

But we’ve relied on encouragement, praise and love here.  They’ve known the encouraging “You can do it!  Just try and try again!  We believe in you!” theory of parenting which otherwise was sometimes lacking in my childhood.  I’m not complaining nor am I asking for sympathy.  I’m just saying the truth.

So imagine if you were given that gift of “You could not fail!” in your life!  Imagine the wondrous, remarkable deeds you could accomplish ~ the inspirational successes that would be yours to share with the world ~ the imaginings that you would create to better the world at large!  The skies and beyond would be limitless!

So today, I want you to feel that supportive and loving embrace and to know that I believe in you.  I”m your biggest fan.  I believe you can do anything!  You can accomplish everything!  So let’s go out and do it!  Come on, hold my hand…I’ve got you!  Now live your life the way you want!  You are loved.  You are successful.  You are important.  You are blessed!

Shine On!