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The Road to Success…

“The road to success is always under construction” Lily Tomlin
Happy Monday!  I was trying to find a card which would motivate us on a Monday…and Lily Tomlin fit the bill!  I am fond of calling life a journey, a road and a path on which we continue to move forward even if it’s only one baby step at a time.  The idea that it is always under construction struck me today since I believe that we have the power to make our own lives the way we want.
Perhaps you agree and perhaps you don’t…but I will tell you that I believe that we make this life and we can construct it however we wish ~ we can even put in u-turns, circles (for you Jersey-ians) and detours!  Imagine you are going down your road and want to change direction ~ you can!  This is Your Road and Your Life!
So think about your Road to Success this week ~ because You are the Driver, make it a road that’s smooth and a great ride….and if you find there’s a detour, just make yourself a u-turn, an exit or a stop sign until you know which way you want to proceed!
Success is yours!  You have the Power!  So Drive!
Happy Monday!

Bumps in the Road

Amazingly Awesome Wisdom from a Friend

Sometimes there are speed bumps on the road of life.

And sometimes you just have to speed up, catch a little air and yell “Wahooo!”

Now that we’ve got our imaginations revving and some goals a’brewing, we can continue on the road of life, one step at a time!  Stepping out on the road begins the journey that is going to enrich our lives…one baby step at a time!

I love this card because sometimes when we are following our dreams, our road may not always be smooth.  We may encounter little bumps in the road of life.  But no worries…because we can change the way we view those bumps and make them speed bumps!  Use them for our advantage!

Don’t fear the bumps in the road…enjoy them when they arrive…yell “WaHOOO” and keep going!