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Happy Birthday Hubby!

81207786_Yesterday was my hubby’s birthday.  I baked his favorite cake ~ well, Duncan Hines helped a bit!  Then we topped it with his favorite icing which is cool whip light mixed with Nestle’s Quik powder, baked in a bundt pan.  It’s his tradition that he’s loved for years and even though I’m not a fan of cooking daily dinners, I do enjoy baking his cake every year.

Instead of buying him a present, this year I simply wrote a toast to him ~ please indulge me today as he’s been my rock for years and hopefully for years to come!

Dear Hubby,

May you realize how much you are loved by your family.

May you look around at the blessings in your life and feel gratitude for your choices.

May possibilities abound in your life and may success continue to sparkle in your every endeavor.

May you find peace in your heart.

May your lifetime be filled with health, wealth and happiness.

May joy in all that you do increase a thousandfold.

May you always remember this joyous moment as we celebrate you ~ you are loved ~ you have made me so very happy to be your wife and the mother of our perfect sons.

You are a blessing as a husband and as a father.

We are proud of you.  Thank you for all that you have worked so very hard to provide us with ~ we are grateful for all of the sacrifices and hard work you have continued to put forth in all that you do.  You are a great role model to our boys, your coaching both on and off the fields and your special brand of knowledge in all things (it’s why I call you my Renaissance man) is second to none.

You are appreciated.  You are loved.  Every single day.  Thanks for being you!

Shine On!