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Smile Everyday


“I was smiling yesterday.

I am smiling today

and I will smile tomorrow.

Simply because

life is too short to cry for anything.”

– Santosh Kalwar

I just love this quote.  I try to smile everyday even when I have to find something to smile about for things are too muddled to easily smile.  That’s when my family and pets become my reason to smile.  That’s when I count the blessings in life that I find gratitude for ~ you know, the big ones and even the small ones that we sometimes miss?  I become even more aware of them than usual when I need to put a smile on my face.  It’s when I walk out into nature to smile at what surrounds me ~ birds in the yard, a sunrise, and even snowflakes ~ that I feel the embrace of Mother Nature smiling on me.

It’s not that I don’t cry because I do cry sometimes.  I find that my tear ducts need clearing out every once in awhile and it’s good to allow grief to pour out and cleanse my soul.  So I can find my smile again and recharge.

Do you smile everyday?

What makes you smile?

Smile On!

Shine On!




Best Laid Plans…Turn to Gratitude


The best laid schemes of mice and (wo)men

Well, it was bound to happen one day.  My birthday plans went awry yesterday as I got sick the night before and was sick all day on my birthday.  That’s why nobody heard from me ~ why I never even turned on my computer.  As Robert Burns reminded us back in 1786, the most carefully prepared plans may go wrong.*

But in going wrong, I was given a gift that I didn’t ask for, didn’t think I needed and for which I am now grateful.  I was given a day of rest, of healing and of gratitude.  By being forced to spend the day alone, I had plenty of time to reflect on life and count my blessings.  Sure, I count my blessings everyday, don’t you?  But I mean really count my blessings, count the blessings for the little things that we take for granted (like being able to eat), for a warm, loving home and for friends and family who care.

I won’t lie, at first I was lamenting my lack of birthday festivities, but then, when I allowed my life to flow and to unfold as it wanted, I came upon a knowing, a feeling of presence which was a present to me.  I relaxed into the day, taking the time to heal myself (which only time could help as the virus had to run its course) and acknowledging that I had to once again, give up control, let go, allow God/Universe/Spirit to guide me.

It wasn’t easy.  I had plans you know for my special day.  But now I guess my birthday will have to be celebrated on another day this week, or maybe I can eek out a little bit of birthday mirth everyday!  Oh! What an idea ~ what if I spent 10 minutes a day in birthday gratitude for the next year!  What if we celebrated our birthdays all year long!  Imagine, celebrating your life and having everyone else celebrating YOU everyday ~ and YOU celebrating everyone else everyday!

Now how’s that for a great Holiday?

My heartfelt gratitude to all of you for being here with me ~ I celebrate YOU!

Shine On!


*Origin: From Robert Burns’ poem To a Mouse, 1786. It tells of how he, while ploughing a field, upturned a mouse’s nest. The resulting poem is an apology to the mouse:

But, Mousie, thou art no thy lane [you aren’t alone]
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft a-gley, [often go awry]
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promised joy.