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And Yet, the Heart Remains…


Two years ago, our Christmas tree abruptly feel down, not once but twice, scattering and smashing ornaments which were treasured by our family.  Sadly, we had to throw away remnants of what we once held as tokens of memories from our past.  It wasn’t easy as when things like this happen, it is hard to go on.  I’m not just referring to broken ornaments on a Christmas tree which may or may not be possible to replace.  I’m also talking a metaphor for life and the holidays.  Because even traditional best laid plans can go awry.

We are given choices to mourn and stay in a sad place or to rise up, light up our heart lights and take baby steps toward the future.  It is not easy to step our of our comfort zones or to remove the victim mentality of this happened to us.  But it is empowering when we do take the baby steps needed to nourish our hearts and be with what is now.  It’s finding The Presents of Presence in every moment, right now and not waiting until tomorrow or later.  It’s filling our hearts with gratitude for the little gifts that life offers at each and every turn.  It’s in grieving and then allowing peace to return to our hearts in whatever new form our lives are taking.  It’s in looking beyond ourselves spherically in order to receive the blessings that are ours by Divine Right.  It is what we need to do to heal.

For as with my Christmas tree fiasco, the heart remains.  No matter what happens, your heart remains and it is your job to treasure it, to nourish it and to embrace your heart and the hearts of others.  Soul to soul we connect as we go through life.  Sometimes it is hard to connect, but it is always possible.  It takes effort.  It takes time.  It takes a willingness to see what others may not see and to come from your highest power to not judge but to simply accept and find the good in life.  To reach beyond ego and to embrace love in all forms.

May you find loving peace this holiday season.  Your heart may feel broken but it is still here.  Fill your heart with love and reach out with a loving soul.  Put aside the broken memories and make new ones.  Find gratitude for The Presents of Presence and being one with your life force.  Take baby steps forward on your journey.  Reach out, my hand is here for you.  I understand.  Remember as Ram Dass once said, “We’re all just walking each other home.”

Shine On!