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Walking On Snow

There’s just something beautiful about walking on snow that nobody else has walked on. It makes you believe you’re special.

Carol Rifka Brunt

We had a little snowstorm here and it was delightful! I adore when it snows! I could watch the flakes falling for hours as it feels so peaceful to me. The sounds of snow falling is magical and Buster (our new Golden Retriever Christmas puppy) and I were out in the middle of the night while it was snowing a few times and it was chilly, but well worth it. Because nature’s soothing sounds of snow falling, while the world is asleep, I find amazing. To see him trying to capture the falling flakes was adorable and to witness his first few steps on snow (which he had never experienced before) made me giggle, even though I was trembling in the cold. He, who has a double fur coat, was non-plussed as he rolled around in the snow! Ah, the joys of having a new puppy!

I love this quote as it felt so true, especially when we were out a few times in the snow and as it kept falling, our footprints were erased for the next time he had to go outside. Each time, it felt special! There’s nothing like walking on newly fallen snow! It’s as if you’re blazing your own trail!

I think that’s what our lives are for – blazing our own trails (with or without snow). Taking the time to enjoy those precious quiet moments with those we love, cozy and happily being with loved ones, spending time just being in the present. Noticing all the glorious presence in nature and our world.

May you all have a lovely weekend. Keep your heart lights lit and gather your loved ones together with gratitude in your heart for all of the blessings we have.

Shine On!


Cats and Dogs


tuffyTiffy ~ American Bobtail

Lately, I’ve been working like a dog, which is no surprise because I’m sure at times we all feel that way.  It’s the dog-days of summer so the heat affects us as well.  We’ve had bouts of raining cats and dogs too.  Are you following my animal analogies?

Dogs are people too, have you heard that phrase?  Dog is man’s best friend.  You call a dog and he comes (usually).  But call a cat?  Not such great odds that the cat will even hear you let alone think about moving out of his warm spot in the sunshine.  Have you ever attempted to corral a bunch of cats into one area?  If you have, then you know how anxious it can make you.  Just as you think they are all herded into one single area, one hops the fence, another squeezes through a crack, while the others walk around, tails high in the air, not a care in the world.  Grab the escapees and the ones who you were sure were just lazing around and grooming themselves, but have now decided to take off and explore on their own, regardless that you are calling their names.  For a moment, all is well.

Does this sound familiar to you?  Metaphorically of course, because unless you are a crazy cat lady, you don’t have so many cats in one area.  We have two ~ Tiffy is a little diva, a snuggle kitty, my constant companion, a chatterbox and the winner of the best fur therapy giver award.  It is to Tiffy whom we whisper our frustrations, snuggling into her fluffy, soft fur, burying our faces streamed with tears when nobody else is home.  The holder of secrets and yet she is a demanding and independent thinker who just lives by her own clock, her own mind and her own needs.  And yet, we adore her!  Our younger family member is Tigger who is still a little sprite of energy, even after being with us for four years.  She quite literally runs our household now, including running Tiffy who is not used to anything more than a sedentary lifestyle.  It’s been an adjustment for sure, for us all, but mostly for Tiffy who welcomed a friend, but on her terms.  Tigger brings vitality to our home.  Her shenanigans amuse us and her willingness to play with anything and everything keeps us on our toes.  Her nickname is the hooligan!

So how are cats like people?  Well, dogs are what we people would like to be, what we would like to have as our comrades, those with whom we come into constant contact.  To me, a dog is mostly friendly, happy, without secrets.  A dog needs water, food, a bit of playtime with a ball and is simply happy to be here with you.  Canines notoriously make excellent pets because they are reliable and their mood shows directly in their posture, on their face and mostly, they are happy to see you.  They are without cares, do not hold grudges and you can easily read them by their stance.  In other words, they are what we would like the people in our lives to be.

Cats, who get a bad rap for being more independent, are more like people.  They rock their own tune in their head and don’t rely on being told what to do like dogs.  They have their own agenda and aren’t afraid to hiss when things don’t go their way.  They build trust slowly, but surely.  They have 9 lives and like to nestle in the most obscure places, like the linen closet.  Rarely do they come when called unless it suits them.  Most of the time, you can’t read their minds (unless I put out the tuna treat and then I know that I am number one in their book for awhile).

While we don’t have a dog in our home, we love them and would have one if we could.  But for now, it would upset the feline energy here at the moment.  Friends of ours just had a litter of black lab pups that are calling my name.  I can’t upset the household with a new puppy, but it sure would make for some crazy future posts!

Shine On!


Find Your Joy Today!

Can life get any better?

For me, it’s the little things in life that I adore…ice cream, giggles, hugs and kisses, spending time with my family, holding hands, a smile, pretty clouds, sunshine on my face, puppy kisses, raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens ~ get my drift?  I’m easy to make happy because I enjoy being happy.

Life is full of moments that we can enjoy, but sometimes you have to look for them as they’re not as obvious as the card above shows.  Happiness is contagious I think.  When I look at the girl above, I know that great happy feeling of really enjoying an ice cream cone and I can feel happy even though I’m not eating ice cream at the moment.  Can you?

“You get what you expect,’ is my own quote which I just made up and I think it’s apropos for today’s post.  Prove me right or wrong today (ok, please prove me right!) and expect happiness today, expect miracles, expect smiles, laughter and joy and let me know how your day goes with that sentiment in mind!

Happiness is yours when you’re ready for it ~

Just look around today & you’ll find it in the most peculiar ways! 

What brings you happiness? 

What are a few of your favorite things?

Happy Thursday to YOU!


P.S.  And meet me for an ice cream at 4pm!

Gratitude Day 7 – Timing is Everything

Dear Michele,

I loved how we connected today at the Salon and I feel very honored that you shared with me about the loss of your Dad.  My heart goes out to you as I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you to lose someone so dear.  What a blessing to have had a Dad who was such a great part of your life ~ and who was both a Mom and Dad to you.  What an extraordinary man he was!  And what an extraordinary daughter he raised!

You are such a sweet, kind and caring person.  I am so glad that you have adopted your darling Frankie!  I love the name and the significance of it! He is truly adorable ~ God’s timing was perfect, wasn’t it?

I am blessed to know you.  I just wanted to send you a hug to let you know I’ll be thinking of you on Father’s Day…Your Dad surely watches over you everyday!  I am so glad you feel his angelic presence!  Thanks for being YOU!

Warmly, xo


Yesterday I went to my favorite salon and while I was getting a coffee before my appointment, one of the skincare professionals was standing there.  She is a remarkable woman with whom I’ve had the pleasure of having facials!  She truly has beautiful skin and when I complimented her on it, she attributed it to her father’s genes.  I told her that she should tell her Dad that on Father’s Day to which she told me that her Dad had recently passed in January.  Insert FOOT here…I hugged her and told her how sorry I was and she went on to tell me all about her Dad.  What a loving tribute to a man whom she said was both Mom and Dad to her!  The connection we shared was instantaneous and I was so happy to share in that moment with her.  When I asked if she felt his presence, she said she did and told me a special story about her new puppy named Frankie and an experience she’d recently had on the beach the past weekend.  I was so happy she’d shared so much with me that I wanted to send her a card to let her know that I am thinking of her, especially with Father’s Day around the corner.

I love my life in that I seem to connect with others so easily sometimes.  It’s like she needed to tell the story of her Dad and I was there, willing to listen and to experience it with her…how blessed am I that she chose me to share with ~ and how blessed is her Dad to have such an amazing daughter!

I hope you connect with someone special today!


Happiness is…

Happiness is a warm puppy. -Charles M. Schulz

We went to visit a friend yesterday who just got a puppy.  In fact, we’ve stopped by to visit every few days for the last 2 weeks since Murphy came to their family.  I simply can’t resist this puppy!  Truth be known I’m gaga over all puppies, but especially labrador retrievers and darling Murphy is a chocolate lab.

Murphy is only 10 weeks old and has the most adorable big puppy paws and his soft ears flop when he runs!  To me, he is the epitome of The Presents of Presence because he is just happy all the time!  As I watched him run around the yard yesterday with the kids and his ball, I knew I was having a moment…enjoying the present moment in all it’s beauty!  Sun shining, green grass, children smiling and laughing, puppy chasing them and giggles all around as the moment stretched on to 30 minutes…and afterwards, I felt so at peace, so renewed…so presence-full.

Holding a tired Murphy in my arms afterwards to say goodbye, gave me such a good feeling…and the inspiration for this post…because I watched as Murphy, with his sharp little puppy teeth accidentally deflated his ball…but instead of whining, he simply picked it up and kept on playing with it ~ tossing it around and picking it up ~ he kept that happy moment going by just going with the flow…and the children went along with him ~ using the deflated ball as a frisbee to continue the fun play with Murphy.

Enjoy The Presents of Presence everyday!

Have you enjoyed your presents today?


Happiness is…

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. -Dalai Lama

I awoke this morning with the thought of Happiness is… (you fill in the blank) and a la Charles Schultz and the Peanuts gang, I could only think ~

Happiness is…a warm puppy.

Then when I was perusing the cards in SendOutCards, I found this one and VOILA ~ I knew what my blog would be based on today.

Happiness is….what would you fill in the blank with today?

What makes you happy?

How can YOU make YOU happy today?

We yearn to be happy in our lives, but sometimes I think we get complacent and just stay in the same happy zone and don’t stretch our brains and our actions to encompass more to make us even happier.  Like the heart muscle that grows stronger with exercise and increases the amount of love in our lives, our happiness quotient has the same ability to grow and strengthen with action…and purpose.

Take time today to think about how happy you are and dare to dream about even more happiness in your life.  What could you do to increase your happiness?

Happiness is something you can control ~ it’s YOURS ~ so use it!