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The Whole World is My Family…

Large Version of Card Front.
The whole world is my family – Pope John XXIII
Recently I was asked to explain my ‘connector of people’ comment so here goes…
I love people…I enjoy meeting them, getting to know them and helping them.  I love spreading sunshine!  There have been many times recently where I’ve been at just the right place at the right time to help someone whom I didn’t even know until then…a complete stranger who needed help and it just so happened that I knew the right person who could give that help.  Now I was not the right person that they necessarily needed, but I was able to be a conduit to that right person.  Does this make sense?
My business helps people to connect with others through personalized, old fashioned correspondence in a high tech way.   Firsthand, I’ve experienced and seen the difference that getting a card in the mail can make to anyone’s life ~ when I was diagnosed with cancer, my students, my friends and the community where I taught, showered me with heartfelt cards.  Each one was written with a personalized message which meant the world to me.  There’s nothing like opening the mailbox to see an envelope which isn’t junk mail or a bill…it’s that wonder, that surprise  and that special feeling that someone took a moment to write to you ~ that person thought of you enough to choose a card (or make one), write a heartfelt message and take it to the post office to mail it so that you could receive a bit of love and make a connection!
No matter who you are, I am sure you would understand this feeling…to me, it’s another way of connecting people ~ even businesses connect to people this way by making their client, customers and patients feel special!
Feeling special and being connected…and helping others to do the same…it’s one of the joys in my life!  I believe that what you give out ~ happiness, inspiration, hope, beauty ~ comes back to you tenfold…and for me, I am humbled by the ability to make a difference in someone’s life…simply by connecting and helping them to connect to others easily.
So, this card ~ The Whole World is My Family ~
works for me because I believe we are all connected ~
like a family!