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Daily Prompt ~ Be Proud of Yourself



When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you?

As many of you know, 8 months ago my dad passed away.  I am the executor so I’ve had a lot of responsibility on my plate and it’s been hard.  Have you lost a loved one?  Have you ever been an executor or POA?  It’s hard.  It’s a lot of work in addition to simply mourning the loss of your loved one.  In fact, I took on closing Dad’s business as well which has been a huge undertaking and an adventure.  I simply wasn’t prepared for it all ~ but let’s face it, are any of us prepared?

Today I had to work on some paperwork of Dad’s which was really complicated.  I ended up having to make 3 phone calls to 3 separate people to get some paperwork fixed which is still in progress, but while in the midst of the mess, my frustration levels rose and I began crying on the phone with the customer service representatives on the other end.  In all honesty, I just broke down sobbing while on the phone with them.  It was embarrassing to say the least as I thought I was doing so well with the whole thing.  I guess I’m a work in progress.  The lovely point of this story is that 3 strangers comforted me in a way that helped me to move on and they didn’t have to be so nice and I am so grateful.

You know what they did?  They just listened for a moment ~ they said they understood.  They took a moment of their time to virtually hug me by their kindness, their infinite patience and  by their kind words which were,

“It’s ok, I can help you.  You are doing great. 

You should be proud of yourself as you’re doing a good job. 

It’s not easy, but together we can make it work. 

I’m sorry you are going through this difficult time.”

And that’s all I ever needed…It was such a healing moment and it helped me become unstuck and continue to flow again!  I just needed someone to realize how hard I’m trying to hold it all together, how hard I’m working to be strong for our family and how much I am putting my heart and soul into trying to make it easier for everyone, including me.  So to Byron, Christine and Veronica, even though it’s a very slim chance you’ll ever read this, I thank you all.  You helped a stranger heal her heart a bit.  It’s a kindness for which I am ever grateful.  Thanks for being you!

So to all of you, whatever your situation…

I’m proud of you!

Shine On!