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I Love Snow!


It’s snowing here and in my excitement, even though I didn’t have to get up early, I was up early.  Silly I know for me to not sleep in, because going out today is not a viable option, but the child-like wonder in watching snow fall has never left me.  So here I sit, coffee in hand and snuggled under a blanket in our warm home, watching the snow fall outside in what is being called a blizzard.  Ah, the benefits of being a Jersey Girl!

Especially when snow is falling at night, I am entranced by the wonder of each individual snowflake being unique, much like human beings.  Collectively they fall from the sky to pile up together, nestled on the ground, and then blown by the winds to be swept up again into drifts.

I love snow like I love people – I love their uniqueness, their quirky ways and their ability to bond together to form a cohesive snowball!  LOL  I know I’m being silly here, but I can’t help it.  I’m giddy today.  I just can’t help myself from smiling.  I don’t even care that it will take me a long time and much effort to clear a path, clean off our cars and get out after the storm has ceased.  But for now, the winds are blowing, the snow is falling and since we have no place to go – so as the song goes – Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

I am feeling innately sated today and I’m counting my blessings.  We have homemade chicken soup all ready for lunch (and maybe even dinner?) if the mood suits us.  Plenty of snacks and some movies to enjoy watching together.  There’s no school and no work to attend today so we will just enjoy being together, safe and sound, watching the outside world be covered in a mantle of white lace.

Life is good friends.  Shine your heartlights.

Shine On!



Happy 4th of July Weekend


To me, this is idyllic ~ 2 inviting Adirondack chairs facing the sea.  Imagine us together today.  Sipping iced tea (or something stronger perhaps?), embraced by the sunlight, enveloped in the peaceful moment, silence and conversation flowing without awkwardness, the sea air filling our lungs with its sweetness.

Ahhh…pure bliss!  May your entire weekend be as such.

Shine On!


*Photo credit: FB unknown

Raindrops on Roses

73005796_Don’t let one “raindrop’ spoil your sunshine ~ let it feed your growth! ~ ♥ The Presents of Presence

I have a blogger friend who recently received a comment that made her sad.  Being that her blog feeds my soul on a daily basis, I was baffled how someone would take the time to criticize if it didn’t fit where they are now in their lives.  For to me, it’s a blessing to enjoy reading the banquet of blogs in my Reader ~ to get many different perspectives on the world ~ to connect with others whom I may not have been able to meet otherwise.  To me, blogging is such a special way to just ‘be’ and enjoy allowing myself the freedom to speak my truths.

It’s not that I hide myself ~ what you read is who I am.  But there are people with whom I don’t share as much as I do here on my blog for various reasons.  Usually it’s because they may think I’m too ‘woo woo’ as I put it ~ too spiritual perhaps ~ not grounded in their eyes.

But the more that I’m reaching out of my comfort zone to allow opportunities in ~ and to show my vulnerabilities ~ and to be ok with others who may find my unique self a bit out of the ordinary for them ~ the easier it’s becoming to just allow myself to blossom where I stand and allow disapproval to slide off of my back like water from a duck’s back.  It’s a constant practice for me to ground myself in order to not allow others criticisms (real or imagined) to affect what I feel/know in my heart is right for me.

I’ve been a people pleaser my entire life.  It was a role I was given and I nurtured on my own.  Peacekeeper, good girl, I never rocked the boat unless I knew for certain it was safe.  But something’s changed in the last 2 months and I can’t go back to not knowing what I know now which is ~ I need to be me, I need to let my light shine and I need to feel strong in the knowing that it’s ok if the perceived changes are met with disapproval from others.

Because it’s MY LIFE that I’m living now.

I don’t mean this to sound dramatic because it’s truly not ~ it’s just been a series of baby steps which I’ve been taking that have finally landed me into a place where I am choosing to be comfortable with being uncomfortable sometimes ~ it’s a daily, sometimes even hourly practice ~ but well-worth it!

So when I ask you to join me in Inner Hotshot University ~ to stretch out of your comfort zones just a little bit ~ it’s because to me, we need to bond together like a rainbow ~ each shining our different hues!

Your uniqueness lies in you being you ~ you are so amazing.  Don’t let one ‘raindrop’ spoil your sunshine ~ let it feed your growth!  Write what your heart tells you ~ you are touching the lives that need your love!  Be true to you!  We are all still here listening with open hearts ♥♥♥

Shine On!