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Loyal Felines



We have two loyal felines whom we adore!  Snuggled in a sweater as she likes to be babied, is Tiffy who’s an American Bobtail.  Her breed is known to be ‘dog like’ and she enjoys being carried around.  She will bring her toys to you.  She loves to be with us and talks all the time.  She has the fluffiest, softest coat and our home is a testament to her fine white fur.

Laying on my lap is Tigger who’s a rescue kitty, found under a well-known hotel nearby as a tiny kitten.  We got her a few years ago.  Although nobody could ever replace our beloved Chessie who looked similar, Tigger has brought her own brand of joy into our lives with her antics.  Tigger doesn’t meow very well, although as she’s gotten older she’s learned how to make small noises.  She lets Tiffy tell it all!

Tiffy:  Let’s just say I’m a diva, being a pure breed.  I’m ten years old now, but I did love to annoy my older sister Chessie when she was alive.   Oh my!  Now I know how Chessie felt when I first arrived at the house because when I was a little squirt, I was always trying to get Chessie to play with me.  I miss those days.  I had some lonely time when Chessie passed away until they brought home a tiny kitten named Tigger.  What a surprise that was!  That kitten was trouble from the first day, but I’ve grown to love her too.  We do have our ups and downs though since I’m older and set in my ways, but Tigger has kept me young.  She has trouble meowing, so I’m the talker for us both.  I remind Mom when our food bowls need refilling and when I think we should be given a few treats.  I refuse to stop complaining until she gives in.  I’ve gotten her well trained! LOL  I love to curl up in Mom’s big sweater like a baby.  Nestled in her lap and cocooned in her sweater makes me happy…until Tigger tries to move in on my snuggle time with Mommy.  Then I get aggravated, but I let her have her turn too.  I even groom my Mommy sometimes when I’m grooming myself.  The space between her eyebrows needs it most I think! ha ha

Both Tigger and I know that we are a special part of the family.  We have an important job to do and we do it well.  They call it fur therapy here.  That’s a code word for do your thing kitties and we do a great job of it.  We know when someone needs a little extra love and we give it freely.  We instinctively cuddle with them when they are sad.  We know just the right way to get into their laps and snuggle with them until they are happier.  Sometimes they even whisper secrets to us.  When they need extra healing we purr while we cuddle with them.  The loving vibrations help to heal them.  It’s a well-known cat fact.  You knew that already, right?

We love our humans and enjoy spending time with them.  When they leave the house and come back, we’re usually there waiting at the door to welcome them home.  Well, unless we’re catnapping which we occasionally do!  You know we need our beauty sleep.  How else would we look this good all the time?

We have excellent hearing so we can hear when the outside door opens and we run to the door to greet them.  At night, we like to hang out with them, sometimes even getting lap time as they watch tv.  Of course, when it’s dinner time, we like to investigate to see what they’re eating.  Our favorite is fresh pieces of chicken which they sneak us sometimes.  Of course, Mom knows, but we happily indulge when the time is right!

We like to sleep with Mom most nights, but we’ve been known to snuggle with the kids as well.  We’re really good watch cats and sometimes we stand guard as well all night if we hear strange noises outside.  We don’t miss a trick, believe me.  We see everything.  We even see things that our humans don’t see.

We are loyal subjects to our family.  We love them unconditionally and with our whole selves.  Sometimes our thinking is way ahead of you humans!

Here’s a little post on Chessie.

Shine On!



Grumpy Cat ~ Michelle’s Pet Challenge

grumpycatGrumpy Cat

This is Grumpy Cat ~ aka Tardar Sauce ~ aka the famous Grumpy Cat from her own website click here!  I thought it would be cute to highlight her since this week includes October 15 which is National Grouch Day.  Did you know that?  Yup, it’s official ~ with Sesame Street leading the way Sesame-Street-magazine-declares-Oct-15-National-Grouch-Day  with my favorite character!

I know, I know.  You just can’t believe that Oscar the Grouch was my favorite Sesame Street character growing up, but he was is!  Isn’t that funny?  I even had the Oscar the Grouch puppet which I wore on my hand for a long time!  I wonder if he’s still in my childhood room’s closet along with all of my other toys?  But then, I digress.  That’s certainly a post for another day.

oscarthegrouchForgive me, but I just had to include him ~ I find him so very lovable!

If your pet is special, why not join Michelle’s Pet Photo Challenge?  Click here to have some pet photo fun!  Thanks to Hope the Happy Hugger!

Happy National Grouch Day (a day late!) 🙂

Shine On!


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge


Jake is the Man!

Happy Wednesday!  Let me introduce you to Jake ~ my son’s friend’s dog.  This picture was taken of him at the soccer fields, waiting for his ‘human brother’ to finish his game.  Jake was in the front seat (where he believes he belongs) of his ‘Mom’s’ car.  He sits up like this all the time so that he can see what’s going on outside the car.  What a lovely dog ~ he loves to be in the middle of the action and believes he is a huMAN and not a dog!  Because he was a bit exposed, he asked me to put a little something in front of his (ahem) package so as to keep his modesty intact.  So, of course, I added a J flag ~ and then got carried away by putting him in the doghouse!  Note his front paws are short so that he can’t put them down on the ground like most dogs so that’s why I found this picture of him so precious!  He’s sitting up like a human!  By the way, he’s an 8 year old cockapoo!

Thanks to Michelle for the 2nd weekly pet challenge!  This is so much fun! ♥

Shine On!


For Michelle’s challenge, you can post pictures of your pets or even your friend’s pet.  See the link below to participate!
“Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.”


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

TnJ1 TnJ2 TnJ3 TnJ4

Tiffy and Jack

Tiffany aka Tiffy is our 5 year old American Bobtail kitten ~ whoops, cat ~ although I still think of her as a kitten.  Probably because she was Chessie’s sister and to diferentiate the girls, I called Chessie who passed at almost 17 yrs old in March our cat, and Tiffy the kitten.  At 5 she is still as spry as ever and gets into trouble at times.  To me she is just a joy and my best pal and shadow.  We hang together often at the house now that my ‘first born’ Chessie has passed away.  I still miss my Chessie and Tiffy can’t take her place, but it’s comforting to have Tiffy’s soft furry warm self nearby!

Jack is a goldfish as you can see above.  He was a feeder goldfish that the kids won at a fair.  He had 2 brothers ~ Manny and Moe, but last year, they died, one after the other.  But Jack’s still swimming!  If memory serves correctly he is now over 2 years old which I think in fish years is 20! 🙂

Every morning, Tiffy hops up to hang with her favorite aquatic pal while I make some coffee.  In fact, she and Jack bond and remind me in not so subtle ways that it’s their breakfast time too!  Tiffy meows loudly while Jack swims to the surface, opening and closing his mouth, hoping to catch my eye as he does the morning breakfast wiggle.  FEED ME!!!

So, I happily oblige after giggling at their antics!  It’s their sure-fire way to start my day off right!  I open the drawer, take out the fish food and as I take a pinch to sprinkle over the top of Jack’s bowl, Tiffy makes sure that she gets her little snout into the container and licks a little bit of the flakes too!

By that time, Mommy’s coffee is ready and we are all happy!  As I walk to the refrigerator for a bit of cream, I pass by Tiffy’s bowl and feed her too!

Finally, I can sit and relax and enjoy the dawn of a new day!

Do you have pets that make your morning brighter?

Shine On!


Thanks Michelle for the new weekly challenge!  http://hopethehappyhugger.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/michelles-weekly-pet-challenge-1/